Ascendant Aries

You can directly feel his energy, but most of a time he wants crush his head against the brick wall.

Ascendant Aries | Photo: © Maridav -

Keen energy and assertiveness is part of persons with ascendant Aries. They deal with problems without doubts and full of enthusiasm – and they want to reach their goals without detours. Indecision and irresolution are rare attributes.  

New and unexplored conditions appeal a special excitement. Inside them there is to be found spirit of a pioneer and adventuresomeness. He is a discoverer without doubts towards spontaneity. He inspired by his enthusiasm. In case of neglecting his rivalry and competitiveness he can be a good motivator and team player for common development.      

He likes to arrange for social cooperative issues. Together with environmental quests he performs and acts. He is a character that communicates and provides new energy. Toward other persons he is clear – clearly structured as well – and open-minded. Those who are asking for advice will not be disappointed. He shows no distraction and has no trick player qualities.  

Negative expressions of his outgoing personality are inconsiderateness and egoism -under these circumstances he can be offending as well.

If he should recognize the achievement of his goals endangered – then his excessive energy actually could be running out of control – by this change distrust and aggressiveness.

So he would be turning to irascible and violent-tempered. Obstinately he looks for the unpleasant confrontation.

Descendent to Aries is Libra. He makes persons more considerable to the needs of other persons. 

Positive characteristics: energetic, optimistic, brave, keen, strong, chilvalrous, vivacious. They are full of: assertiveness, courage, action, thirst of adventure and dynamism.

Negative aspects: irascible, defiant, resentful, cantankerous, destructive, obstinate, obtrusive, aggressive, comparativeness, egoism and inconsiderateness.  

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