Moon in Aquarius

♒ Born with moon in Aquarius means the need of personal space to feel convenient. He would like to intensify his individuality – while having some company. Ideally these persons are libertarians and freedom-loving as well – but it is no need.        

Aquarius is a philanthropist who wants to understand and likes to be kind to his neighbour and tries to be helpful. But first – while doing this – he is not open-minded and does not reveal his emotion. Emotional aspects - in his opinion – are suspicious and have to be considered with care. Despite of being among others Aquarius feels different and often distanced.   

Moon sign Aquarius do not reveal conspicuous emotions with regard to love matters. Having a relationship is important to him – and flirting with somebody as well – but passion and romance is not in the centre of his love life – much more profound fraternal companionship.   

Persons born with moon in Aquarius are no ambitious family men – their ambition is being a libertine and keeping an individual space for his own. But in case of respect and tolerate his proper individualism he could be part of a happy family.  

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