Zodiac Sign Pisces

Sentimental Pisces governed by neptune!
Zodiac Sign Pisces | Foto: © vlad61_61- Fotolia.com

Pisces (sign ♓) share empathy, a good listener and cooperative. She is not fearful, but she appears defending and self defending. Pisces has courage and loves to take from others. When other people are in despair and give up – she has enough endurance.

Birthday: 20th February - 20th March
Predominant Planet: Neptune
Element: water
Temperament: melancholic

Type: a religious and believing Pisces – such a mystic one - lonesome and sentimental

Physical equivalence: feet, tendon, joint, stomach, intestine and lymphatic system

This zodiac sign supports affectionately. Pisces show her emotionality obviously. Intuition is distinctive and a kind of sixth sense is working when she looks around all her life. By the way, however, this susceptibility works when it might be given an advice – this is not a charity, it is much more the idea to need anything like that soon.

Empathy in combination with accuracy let show the detailed look to consider situations. Maybe Pisces should be great at mathematics and numbers, but that is not proved.Pisces is winsome and hilarious – likes making jokes about one another. Her sense of humour brings out irony, ambiguity and profound credo. As a soul companion she wants to make sure to talk frankly and consider things of both sides.


Basically she needs time to give and reflects a lot; so she appears rather dogmatic and smart aleck. From time to time it changes and she could be reticent and listens. Maybe that shows why she is empathic like she is. Pisces try to make it tidy – in contrary to volatilized things. She has a big portion of curiosity and wants to know almost everything – she does not give up before she experiences. Pisces love possession and money as well – partly as a guarantee of her living standard. Being alone is not her part – and maybe being together could be considered as a form of self-protection - finally. Social acting and hospitality based on her trust and believe in life. It gains to a friendly and beautiful spirit in a pleasant atmosphere – so that mediates her point of view from giving and taking.          

Positive qualities :

idealistic, helpful, devoted, friendly, intuitive, good-natured, mild, trustful, sensitive and beneficial.

Negative aspects:

secretive, labile, restless, discouraged, immoderate, uncontrolled, adventurous, extravagant, weak, calculating and wasteful.

Famous Pisces:
Bruce Willis, Zarah Leander, Christopher Walken, Adam Baldwin, Aidan Quinn, Karl May, Viktor Hugo, Henrik Ibsen, Elisabeth Taylor, Rudolf Nurejev, Rex Harrison, Enrico Caruso, Oskar Kokoschka, Gottlieb Daimler, Karl Jaspers, Georg Friedrich Händel, Albert Einstein, Frederic Chopin, Anais Nin, Barbara Feldon, Anna Magnani, Barbara Jordan, Cindy Crawford

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