Monthly Horoscope

This month's stars for the twelve zodiac signs...
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Widder (21. März - 20. April)

aries - Monthly Horoscope

Your know-it-all attitude could prove offensive to others.

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Stier (21. April - 21. Mai)

taurus - Monthly Horoscope

You're being put through your paces at work and tested a lot at the moment.

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Zwillinge (22. Mai - 21. Juni)

gemini - Monthly Horoscope

Healthwise you are in excellent condition.

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Krebs (22. Juni - 22. Juli)

cancer - Monthly Horoscope

The coming weeks will be a test for your self discipline.

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Löwe (23. Juli - 23. August)

leo - Monthly Horoscope

You could hardly feel better: You are relaxed and well-balanced.

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Jungfrau (24. August - 23. September)

virgo - Monthly Horoscope

You do not have to worry about your health.

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Waage (24. September - 23. Oktober)

libra - Monthly Horoscope

As you are very relaxed and curious at the moment a change of scene would be just right – go on a journey.

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Skorpion (24. Oktober - 22. November)

scorpio - Monthly Horoscope

The phase you are living through at the moment requires regular moments of solitude and introspection.

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Schütze (23. November - 21. Dezember)

sagittarius - Monthly Horoscope

Everything is going like clockwork at work at the moment.

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Steinbock (22. Dezember - 20. Jänner)

capricorn - Monthly Horoscope

It's possible that you feel insecure and not able to cope with every conversation in the coming weeks.

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Wassermann (21. Jänner - 19. Februar)

aquarius - Monthly Horoscope

You start your days in an elated mood and are able to fully enjoy life.

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Fische (20. Februar - 20. März)

pisces - Monthly Horoscope

Give yourself some time to take a deep breath and to slow down a bit.

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