Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Aquarius in October 2016

Love and partnership

Thanks to Jupiter's harmonious constellation with your sun you are more tolerant than usual.

You're even able to start easy conversations with slightly weird people whom you usually avoid. Dealing with complicated people can be a great opportunity to grow and become more mature. Make use of this! In all your other relationships you will experience wonderful harmony.

Working life

Your high level of mental flexibility makes your work a lot easier.

You are extremely interested in ideas which differ from the usual ones and are able to use them in productive ways. In addition you are great in thinking in linked-up ways and are able to effectively coordinate procedures. All that makes you an excellent team leader – you should look for tasks which match your talents.


You are very fit, curious and are striving for action.

Rather than constantly doing the things you always do, try out some new ones. Take a trip to a far exotic land. Plan it well beforehand. What is most important is that you can be active and get to know as much about the foreign culture as possible. Your body and mind should be engaged at the same time.

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