Daily horoscope - 12th January 2017

Today is full moon: Leos should try to look at things from a different perspective and for Virgos there's plenty of time to consider new and bigger developments.
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Each day is a little life.

Arthur Schopenhauer


03:33: Moon (Cancer) Square Uranus (Aries)

During this phase there might be shown a testy reply and bad-temper is evidently seen. Changeable mood fluctuations could bear problems. Regarding love matters individualism and self-will diffuses reveals pure sensuality or restraint emotion, which could lead to tragic and dramatic development.

06:07: Moon (Cancer) Square Jupiter (Libra)

The square could cause some trouble towards law authorities. It could give tendency to extravagance. Regarding love matters conflicts and disadvantages could be shown. This could lead to separation and enstrangement. The bile and liver could show pronounced weakness.

06:33: full moon (Cancer)

You probably feel short-tempered. Family disputes could appear on the agenda. You miss your refuge.

09:02: Mercury → Capricorn

When Mercury is in the sign of Capricorn the period of that time is clear- minded and rational. On the other hand all around you emerges suspiciousness and criticism. Serious problems and concentration could be solved and sustainable management would be on the advance. Certainly there won't come easily - but with these endeavours and stamina you would take aim at the target.

16:53: Venus (Pisces) Conjunction Neptune (Pisces)

The conjunction between Venus and Neptune may cause extravagance – possibly accompanied with discomfort, self-indulgence and obliquity.

19:07: Moon → Leo

The moon in the sign of Leo makes dominance and self-confidence. Leo represents self-portrayal, drama, the stage and theatre – means external presentation.A fine time for creativity, flirting and pleasure: Leo likes to on the stage and gives roles to others...

Today is Full moon

Birthday on January 12th 2017:

Haruki Murakami (*1949), Vivekananda (1863-1902), Olivier Martinez (*1966), Kirstie Alley (*1951), Jack London (1876-1916), Ella Henderson (*1996), Mel C (*1974)

Widder (21. März - 20. April)

Aries - 12th january

Your social life is due to suffer some turbulence.

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Stier (21. April - 21. Mai)

Taurus - 12th january

You should check out whether your partner is in the mood for adventures.

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Zwillinge (22. Mai - 21. Juni)

Gemini - 12th january

You're confronted with an unexpected and challenging situation.

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Krebs (22. Juni - 22. Juli)

Cancer - 12th january

Don't take out your frustrating moods and unhappiness on others, especially not on your partner.

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Löwe (23. Juli - 23. August)

Leo - 12th january

The one who sows the seeds of anger will harvest the storm.

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Jungfrau (24. August - 23. September)

Virgo - 12th january

Your thirst for action and your energy also affect your relationship positively.

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Waage (24. September - 23. Oktober)

Libra - 12th january

It doesn't have to be a spa package, if health is what you're longing for, even just a long hot bath, relaxing music and a good book can do the trick.

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Skorpion (24. Oktober - 22. November)

Scorpio - 12th january

Both mind and body are in perfect harmony, you feel fully fit.

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Schütze (23. November - 21. Dezember)

Sagittarius - 12th january

Your advice on financial affairs is much sought after, especially for projects you undertake with others.

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Steinbock (22. Dezember - 20. Jänner)

Capricorn - 12th january

Feeling strong and full of energy.

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Wassermann (21. Jänner - 19. Februar)

Aquarius - 12th january

It’s easier for you to make important decisions.

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Fische (20. Februar - 20. März)

Pisces - 12th january

Your natural composure and healthy diet helps nourish your mind and body.

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