Daily horoscope - 8th January 2017

Today Pisces are full of energy and Capricorns are in good shape.
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I never did a day's work in my life, it was all fun.

Thomas A. Edison


04:43: Mercury -> direct motion

17:06: Moon → Gemini

Your mind and spirit are inquisitive and like to develop further on mental level. At the moment you have perfect keenness and you are interested in experience and impressions of various kinds. When the moon is in the sign of Gemini you are in a state of sensitivity and fond of communication, learning and cultures. Inspired by intuition.

Birthday on January 8th 2017:

David Bowie (1947-2016), Shirley Bassey (*1937), John McTiernan (* 1951), Michelle Forbes (* 1971), R.Kelly (* 1967)


Widder (21. März - 20. April)

Aries - 8th january

With regard to finances, you may have some unpleasant experiences today and are forced to become aware of your own weaknesses.

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Stier (21. April - 21. Mai)

Taurus - 8th january

A perfect scenario for settling outstanding financial matters is what you desire.

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Zwillinge (22. Mai - 21. Juni)

Gemini - 8th january

Be cautious when dealing with money.

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Krebs (22. Juni - 22. Juli)

Cancer - 8th january

Other people find you irritable and somewhat chaotic.

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Löwe (23. Juli - 23. August)

Leo - 8th january

If you are experiencing a bit of turmoil in your relationship at the moment, don't always automatically assume your partner is responsible for it.

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Jungfrau (24. August - 23. September)

Virgo - 8th january

If you enjoy buying yourself something new, go ahead and do it.

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Waage (24. September - 23. Oktober)

Libra - 8th january

You're confronted with an unexpected and challenging situation.

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Skorpion (24. Oktober - 22. November)

Scorpio - 8th january

Your relationship is currently very harmonious.

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Schütze (23. November - 21. Dezember)

Sagittarius - 8th january

You've the capacity to handle a lot of exercise but need to manage any activity efficiently to ensure you're not totally overworked or eventually run out of energy.

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Steinbock (22. Dezember - 20. Jänner)

Capricorn - 8th january

You're in good shape but there's no reason to be idle.

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Wassermann (21. Jänner - 19. Februar)

Aquarius - 8th january

Physically you feel fit, but primarily you're more concerned with the health of others.

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Fische (20. Februar - 20. März)

Pisces - 8th january

Your finances are doing well.

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