The tarot card change shows the deep and profound phase of a change that comes.

tarot card Change at fate tarot © Verlag Franz

The card

The tarot card change shows a dark and withered wood. Life is gone - disappeared and it fades away. But from one branch new life has begun to grow. Tender fresh green is to be seen.



Change - Meaning


The tarot card change shows the deep and profound phase of a change that comes. But something you had to leave behind. This can be something clear and complete as well as something subliminal. Maybe you had to say good-bye to a project or you had to leave someone or something for whom or what you shared affection or a deep and profound love. It can bring grief, sorrow, anxiety or separation anxiety.  

But on the other hand the card produces the end of a term full of sadness and grief or the end of a strength sapping task – in this case it is a clearance and release.Then by the way the card is positive and brings relief. However, the times are changing and you have to leave something behind and have to rearrange your world. Each dying is a new beginning. It impacts the natural cycle of life and creation. The card stands for development - maybe prosperity in another period of time.


Here comes a time to leave old attitudes and habitudes behind to open your mind to something new. Maybe it is to be found in your professional life, your career or in your private relation. 

Negative aspects

The negative side of the tarot card reveals stubbornness and cling to something. It is part of a refusal to give something away from your past and inability to say hello to a delayed decision.

You have to leave old habitudes, attitudes and conceptions behind – otherwise your development remains in stagnation and hopelessness. Holding on the past in the pause is not good enough. Persist in stagnation is not a good decision. The negative side represents force to control, stubbornness, fear and depression.


Maybe now a time has come to leave your relationship and your partner or your family. But it is necessary to make a decision and begin with something unknown or new – maybe it happens in an unexpected way but might be ok. The clearance must be moved. Life is changing and life is always a journey – a journey of initiation and process – and it is also shown as a progress from inside and outside.    


The change stands for development and motion in professional life. The card symbolizes an unavoidable decision and leaving. Probably you sense that for a while and refused to recognize that current situation. By the way all that might not happen in an easy way.

Opposite view

Refuge, sluggishness, discouragement.

Change - Card of the day

The tarot card symbolizes a change. Likely you are on the edge to get over to new horizons and challenges – you have to get into a new episode of life. You have to say hello and you have to say good-bye as well. This could be seriously hard but there is no way out. It is like the everlasting circle of life and creation – of living and dying.


Astrologic correspondence tarot

Saturn in the 8th house

I-Ching correspondence tarot

59. HUAN /


End, beginning, release, separation, determination, development, progress and change

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