02. the key

The tarot card "the key" symbolizes the entrance to our subconscious and strong mediality.

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The card

 A woman lies dreaming in a boat. Deep on the seabed a key is shimmering. Full of trust she lets her intuition and subconciousness flow.


02. the key - Meaning


The tarot card "the key" symbolizes the entrance to our subconscious and strong mediality. Profoundly the card implies the key to the inside, hidden dreams, desires, knowledge and strength.  The card shows to take some time for a journey to listen to us and trusting in intuition that makes people feel secure. The dividing line between good and evil can be undermined.  Everything has two sides but it is to harmonize the contrast. In principle it is correct to listen to the intuition but it is really important to accept advice of other persons and attachment figures. The card "the key" represents sympathy and comprehension as well as other persons’ interests.

Negative aspects

There is a great danger to be captured in your own world of dreams and emotions. Therefore it is really important to convert to links to subconscious. It seems to be rather difficult but important to achieve a certain balance in real life. Escapism, moodiness, passivity and callousness are negative elements if it should be failed.      


Auch in der Liebe ist jetzt besonders wichtig, auf die innere Stimme zu achten. Wir sollten tief in uns hineinhorchen, was möchten wir wirklich, womit fühlen wir uns gut? Zu unserem Partner und Freunden spüren wir eine tiefe Verbundenheit. Wir sollten uns zu nichts drängen lassen, sondern nur in Einklang mit unseren Gefühlen handeln.


It is to be listened to the inner voice and intuition while drawing decisions. This will be the route to success. We face challenges by calmness and inner balance. We make a good companionship with the members and chief of the staff. Subtle signals are showing how things are working. Thanking

Opposite view

Superficiality, despair and uncontrollable passion are the opposite sides

02. the key - Card of the day

-Stop !Today you cannot work by rational-orientated arguments.

You better take time in life to let your thoughts and feelings flow. Each decision should be followed by intuition.Trust in your destiny.

You have got the key for your subconscious and dreams.You have got a lot of understanding for your family, friends and partners.

 It could be possible to recognize your soulmate.




You have got a lot of understanding for your family, friends and partners.


You have got the key for your subconscious and dreams. 


You have got a lot of understanding for your family, friends and partners.

Astrologic correspondence tarot


I-Ching correspondence tarot

KUN: Das Empfangende


Mediality, intuition, subconcious, soul, destiny, fate, wisdom, spirituality, dreams, sympathy, understanding, calmness, balance, psychology and feminity.

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