06. The lovers

Tarot card Lovers does not mean to meet a special one, a partner in the near future, but it is much more a hint to develop love for one self.

The lovers | Fate Tarot © Verlag Franz

The card

The card lovers show a young couple. They approach to confirm an intimate kiss. Represent a cordial and unconditional love.

06. The lovers - Meaning


Tarot card Lovers does not mean to meet a special one, a partner in the near future, but it is much more a hint to develop love for one self. It is not intended to be fulfilled by a partner in this case but first to search for own personality in one’s life. People that stand for this shows ability to share sensation and open their mind.

Negative aspects

half-heartedness, irresolution, dependence, self-abandonment, jealous and power struggle.

Negative aspect of this card shows irresolution. It is given by half-hearted reaction, an unclear choice or precipitous decisions. This could be caused by anxiety to be treated cold. This card could show dependence on the partner as well that is given as a result for imbalance within the relationship.


Love to oneself is the key to love one another. First you need to love and respect yourself for sharing these attributes to each other. The main cause implies the confidence to make a decision for love and relationship to strengthen the bonds of mutual love. Everyone has sole responsibility for his own life, love and happiness. This card symbolizes yearning for close relationship and trust to make a choice.


For professional life and career this card tends to invite following your heart and maybe it is followed by a decision. Listen to your heart and trust in yourself to make your best choice.

Opposite view

This side could show: misjudgment, immaturity, unfaithfulness with consideration of love and relationship.

06. The lovers - Card of the day

Today will be an excellent day for love! This moment could be perfect to create togetherness. By the way it is concomitant with sense of yearning for community and togetherness. Maybe a decision will come closer to one another. The tarot card of the lovers gives you the advice to come to a conclusion: to follow your heart and sweep all doubts aside now!


Decision, choice, love, fidelity, love for oneself, partnership, marriage, crossroads, maturity, sexuality, confidence, friendship, courage, togetherness and independence

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