In the dark all looks different and much more strange and dangerous as in the daylight.

tarot card moon at fate tarot © Verlag Franz

The card

On the card is shown a sinister scenery at night and a dark atmosphere. Coming to the foreground we see a tree in the pale moonlight and a howling wolf. It raises the firmament with a big moon in the darkness.   

Moon - Meaning


In the dark all looks different and much more strange and dangerous as in the daylight. The unconscious and unconceivable get other new dimensions and that looks as something threaten and covers up. The tarot card the moon symbolizes deepest inside and inner sensation, longing, primal fears. At that time they arise and they cause such a disturbing and diffuse intrusion, menace and threat.  

It is a phase to discover, disclose and reveal close relations and integration of our longings, desires and dreams. Getting closer and closer to those new dimensions our sensation and soul activate and intensify steps – one by one. The percipience of diffuse lines shares space within the intuition and helps to reinforce your vigorousness that will guide you through stormy weather. It means to face and oppose challenges with heart and soul - to overcome difficulties – finally gaining success.  

It means for you to gain better comprehension and insight for yourself and renew and innovate special developments, attitudes and decisions. It helps to find an even-tempered character. But be careful this card could stand for illusion and legerdemain as well. Nothing looks first what it seems.    

Negative aspects

The dark side of the moon and of this special tarot card as well shows obviously what you should respect first of all: the danger and allurement to fall for illusions. It is implicated to feel forfeited and haunted by angst and baseless fear like a nightmare in the darkness. It tells that you do not vanish in the haze away from the daylight of reality and be convinced by the trust and confidence of yourself your faith and hopes and ideas. Be just one step away from the edge and take time to think over - then by the way – something looks distinct and in the midst the truth lies. The significance is accomplished by accepting the challenge of your inner feelings and fears and unuttered words. So the conclusion of it all means to conquer and border the challenge and change and you learn something.   


The significance of this card with regard to love life and affection can show various aspects: maybe it communicates that one relationship is getting closer and each other come to know in a better profound way or level.  On the other hand some diffuse sorrow and fear can appear - and imply deceit and fallacy - the fear getting lost or experience a loss. In the end it is important not losing the balance – the coin of wisdom in reality and when you face the problems it is better instead of living in a dream world from that you cannot escape.


With consideration of your profession the card could disclose different meanings as well: maybe it is a hint to new aspects in professional life or to develop skills or change profession. The reinforcing aspect of fear and sorrow as well could strain. It could mediate unemployment and disability to solve problems. Fear of failure weakens your mind but in the end you could leave that behind.      

Opposite view

Disappointment, chimera, frustration, confusion, illusion

Moon - Card of the day

The card moon represents desire, dream and fear. Take care and be careful that you are not losing the way today. Do not walk just like in a day dream and maybe then you are confronted with something unexpected and aggravating or mysterious. Face that by courage and confidence. First step is done and soon you will have left it behind.   


Astrologic correspondence tarot

Moon in scorpio /scorpio or sun in 8th house

I-Ching correspondence tarot

29. KAN /


Night, fear, desire, longing, dream, nightmare, darkness, mystery, soul, sensation, feeling, illusion, imagination, chimera. Intuition, loss, uncertainty

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