10. Wheel of Fortune

The tarot card wheel of fortune explains things among us that cannot be cleared about.

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The card

The wheel of fortune shows the goddess of fortune. In her one hand she holds the cornucopia and the other hand leans on the wheel of fortune.

10. Wheel of Fortune - Meaning


The tarot card wheel of fortune explains things among us that cannot be cleared about. There might be forces that might not be influenced and may not be forced. We find us in a new situation that cannot be changed. Maybe a new phase could have been started and the new direction is not to be seen. At that point in time weak, lost in helplessness and powerless as well but it is clear there is no acceptance to take this part. On the other hand stagnation is no solution for any problem. Every move must be made and afterwards there remains a breeze of happiness. The pursuit of happiness reveals to continue positive development. However the wheel runs backwards it will change its direction once again to run forward. This starting point could be a point of initiation when you are confronted with.  In this situation it promises joy and success and is the perfect moment to start anew.

Negative aspects

It does not make any difference which direction the wheel goes but it is the accepted way of doing things. When the negative or dark side of the card is revealed there is a confrontation with the forces of power after that all risks that could appear to ruin everything. It is no game to tempt fate. On the other hand it is no time to resign his fate and see no chance of success.   


Concerning love matters the wheel shows that the topical relationship is found at a turning point. It can be the fact the current situation is crucial or a phase of deep agreement is followed after. First it is no time to give up. The following crisis reinforces the feeling of togetherness and a prosperous future will come to know. Singles experience a fateful confrontation.


The card aims at new horizons. Either it is the moment for misfortune like a loss or unemployment e.g. or the failure of a project or be wrecked by experience. Finally it shows at the present stage there is not any prize to win and to submit to your destiny but you have to make the best of this situation.

Opposite view

Misfortune, end of an episode or a period, revolt against destiny

10. Wheel of Fortune - Card of the day

The wheel of fortune runs all the time and today it could be good for you but in a new situation you feel insecure and have doubts to accept and to seize whatever you must take – but in the end it is still a wheel of fortune.  


Fate, unexpected turning point, fortune, misfortune, new episode of life, opportunity, destiny

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10. Wheel of Fortune

The tarot card wheel of fortune explains things among us that canno...


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