Zodiac sign Taurus | photo: (c)  pikselstock -stock.adobe.com

Taurus - Zodiac Sign

Taurus loves possessions
Zodiac sign Taurus | photo: (c)  pikselstock -stock.adobe.com

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You find all the information about the zodiac sign Taurus below.

Facts about Taurus

Birthday: 21st April- 21st May

Predominating planet: Venus

Gender: Female

Element: Earth

Temperament: Phlegmatic

Type: close to nature and material.

Physical equivalence: neck, lymphatic system, and skin.

Taurus - Zodiac Sign

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Taurus (sign: ) loves possessions, but on the contrary to both zodiac signs Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus use their property because they are a bon-vivant. Taurus are productive, creative, practical, and thorough - they are makers who work precisely and practically, with exploratory urge by nature.

Taurus are well-mannered, they act correctly, and so they are the perfect caretaker or trustee. Taurus character is energetic, and whatever they decide to do, they will do everything to get it by stamina and tenacity. They place a premium on their discreet and unintrusive appearance.

Taurus enjoys talking, and they are convivial as well. On the one hand, frugal – they never lose an opportunity to celebrate a merry party. But this zodiac sign presents the vagarious side similarly, and they depend on various moods. In general, they are patient – but finally, if they are on edge for too long, they could explode and bristle with anger. Beefing and criticizing are other modifications of their personality. They are reliable - and like a mortal injured animal, they try with strong efforts to keep standing on their feet.

Taurans want to be honest and faithful – good coevals in all respects. When there is much work to do, they tackle a project, and in the end, they are proud to complete the plan. In conclusion, it could be said they are vivid, diligent, duteous, supporting, humorous, and pleasant. 


Realistic, businesslike, practical, diligent, tenacious, vivid, tough, and likable.


Material, rigid, determined, dogmatic, phlegmatic, craving for recognition, easygoing, and thriftless.

Famous Tauruses:

Adele, William Shakespeare, Immanuel Kant, Audrey Hepburn, Sigmund Freud, Gary Cooper, Alfred Krupp, Jean Gabin, Fred Astaire, Fernandel, Max Frisch, Orson Welles, Megan Fox. 

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