05. The high priest

The tarot card stands for discussions referring to considerations of faith and spirituality.

The high priest | Fate Tarot © Verlag Franz

The card

The card the high priest shows a man surrounded by religious insignia and garment. In the background there can be seen a big tree. Various signs are shown a semi-circle that symbolizes the world’s famous religions: fish and crucifix for the Christian faith, the menorah – the seven armed candelabrum for Judaism, the crescent with the five pointed star for Islam and the dharmachakra, the wheel of life, for Buddhism. Above the high priest you see the OM sign in the script of Devanagari. “OM” is a sacred sign in Buddhism and Hinduism as well and represents the original sound of creation of the whole universe.

05. The high priest - Meaning



The tarot card stands for discussions referring to considerations of faith and spirituality. The time is characterized by a profound search for faith, virtue and moral. These aspects are focused. Each single faith is individual and has a personal character. Each individual has a profound conception of faith – and corresponding with the individual way to act. This card represents teaching and learning. We like to give advice but on the other hand we still look for response. Maybe this fact is given by another person that shares your experience. Distinct imagination and each impulse have to be proved.

Negative aspects

Inflexibility, conformity, obedience, orthodoxy, hypocrisy, self-control, hostility .hostile to life

The negative side of the high priest shows inflexibility concerning moral and religious imaginations. Rigid faith implies intolerance. Religious convictions are not questioned and be followed by conformity completed by a certain hostility towards life and happiness.


By the way questions are mentioned concerning faith, awareness and moral. Maybe there are thoughts about family, the partner or some friends. On the other hand comes a time for retirement comes and you want to be sole to draw a conclusion. With regard to partnership there could arise trouble. Conflict and confrontation are important in this period of time and give development space to expand. Maybe wish or desire for marriage.


Superficialtiy and stupid work causes disease and unhappiness. The high priest sends the spirit to change your awareness and improve your structures. During this journey of initiation you are confronted with doubts and conflicts. Values and moral have to be proved. Influenced by this your professional life becomes a source of inspiration, joy satisfaction and creativity.

Opposite view

Non-conventional, brusqueness, guillibility, insincerity

05. The high priest - Card of the day

The daily card the highpriest means to analyze needs and profound quests for truth. Topics like religion, spirituality, spirit and ethics touch your inside. Maybe you are looking for a special mentor or tutor to confront you. Beware your inner voice and verify your convictions. Be inspired!


Moral, maturity, faith, quest, spirituality, virtue, religion, church, study, teaching, confidence, spirit, creation of awareness, expansion of consciousness, tradition, inner voice, ethics

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