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Horoscope for Saturday, Sep. 19th
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Of course, this rather rough day can also be used for other activities or leisure time activities, but with the lawn mowing and the nerve-racking noise it involves, it is well characterized. 

Venus donates us many loving little things and an understanding of art today
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The Moon stays in Libra all day long, a Zodiac sign ruled by Venus. Thus, the soul (Moon) and harmony (Libra) are connected. This situation is all transferred to us, as Libra addresses the sense of justice. Furthermore, we can feel a deep spiritual feeling of love, loving devotion, and affection today. 

The New Moon in Virgo strengthens our intentions
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As already explained yesterday, today, the New Moon, which is closely related to the Sun in Virgo accompanied by a favorable Saturn trine. Hence, an enduring power accompanies the new beginnings that we are starting now. 

Horoscope for Wednesday, Sep. 16th
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Today, the Moon and Uranus positively affect each other in a trine, which brings with it increased mental attention, a feature that Uranus holds in itself. This constellation also stimulates our ambition to push our projects forward more purposefully, since Uranus is also the planet of the future. 

Horoscope for Tuesday, Sep. 15th
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The square between Venus and Uranus becomes exact to the degree today but will still be effective tomorrow. So, one has to reckon with conflicts in the area of love, since Uranus now suddenly appears and perhaps no longer tolerates certain behaviors of the partner, previously taken. 

Horoscope for Monday, Sep. 14th
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The Moon today still enters into positive connections with Venus and Mercury, so everything seems to be okay in the love and communication area. Yet, under the surface, something could already be seething.  

Horoscope for Sunday, Sep. 13th
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The great planet of Luck, Jupiter, represents law and justice, ethics, education, social justice, and expansion. As it recedes, its sphere of action is limited, the reason why it is not advisable to make a significant effort for development during this time. 

Horoscope for Saturday, Sep. 12th
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The Moon stands in the Zodiac sign of Cancer, and that is its very own sphere, there is its ego region, there it is at home so that its essence can have full effect. So, the Moon is in Cancer, it's the first sign, which has Aries character, and individuality now comes particularly under the influence of the planet. 

Horoscope for Friday, Sep. 11th
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Late in the evening, the opposition between Sun and Neptune comes into effect, and it will still be effective tomorrow and after tomorrow. Today we could experience a weakening of our egos. 

Horoscope for Thursday, Sep. 10th
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Mars stands for willpower, activity, assertiveness, sexuality, masculinity, strength, and effort. And for aggressiveness in case of war, when certain excesses are present. All this happens when Mars moves forward. 

Horoscope for Wednesday, Sep. 9th
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The trigonal connection between the Sun and Jupiter is one of the best connections of all. The Sun is the divine spirit, which has effects in us, and Jupiter is the representative of all higher regions and ideals, such as medicine, law, philosophy, writing, education, theater. 

Horoscope for Tuesday, Sep. 8th
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The Moon continues its transit into the sign of Taurus all day long, where Venus resides. Thereby Venus influences our feelings with her charming qualities of love, harmony, and beauty, typical of art. 

Horoscope for Monday, Sep. 7th
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From 6:00 pm onwards, the Sun and Moon form a favorable union, the reason why the male and female principles get along well with each other. So, we could say that men accept the problematic and mysterious spiritual realm of women, and women accept the equally mysterious spiritual realm of men. 

Horoscope for Sunday, Sep. 6th
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Today Venus changes to Leo on September 6th. What does this mean for your love stars? 

Horoscope for Saturday, Sep. 5th
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Tonight, Mercury moves to the Sign of Libra, where it will stay until September 26th, 2020. Libra is ruled by Venus and includes the areas of love, harmony, art, and justice. And Mercury, the Thinker, now unites those principles with the intellect.  

Horoscope for Friday, Sep. 4th
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The Goddess of love, harmony, and art enters today into two different connections, with Mars in the morning - a tense connection - and with Mercury in the evening – a pleasant one.  

Horoscope for Thursday, Sep. 3rd
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The precious planet of the Mind is now entering into a trigonal connection with Saturn, and this fact will have a positive effect for us. It will activate our logical thinking, our ability to focus and be thorough, our objective, conscientious work, and diligence. On a day like this, we can achieve a lot. 

Horoscope for Wednesday, Sep. 2nd

So now, establishing a balance between non-material values such as charity, fantasy, art, and a sense of reality that forces us to earn our daily bread. The problem is that many of us, unfortunately, have a very one-sided attitude. 

Horoscope for Tuesday, Sep. 1st
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At noon today, the favorable trine between Mercury and Pluto will be exact. However, it will continue to provide us with its unusual effects for about a day.  


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