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The square between Mercury and Uranus could have negative impacts today if we react carelessly and don’t concentrate.
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23rd January 2019

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24th January Horoscope

Mercury will be entering Aquarius today, it will give us a progressive spirit.

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25th January Horoscope

Four positive constellations are active today and promise a positive day. Read through the following transits in the header carefully.

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26th January Horoscope

Today the moon’s many aspects with various celestial bodies will once again be having an impact, although they will do so in different ways.

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27th January Horoscope

The moon in Scorpio make us fearless, or give us a tendency towards egotism and making flippant statements.

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28th January Horoscope

he moon will enter into three positive conjunctions with the planets Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, and will support us in the areas of organization and responsibility.

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29th January Horoscope

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30th January Horoscope

You should use the day for intellectual pursuits, whether you work on your writing or reflections, or whether you focus on your convictions.

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31st January Horoscope

January 31st is a unique day, since five positive constellations will be taking place at the same time on this day without there being any tension between them.

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1st February Horoscope

This will be another good time to take care of serious things, as the moon enters the sign Capricorn for the next two and a half days and sends us better endurance.

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2nd February Horoscope

At around 11:00 PM, Venus and Uranus will connect to form a wonderful trine. This could mean fulfillment for anyone who is looking for a partner.

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3rd February Horoscope

The potentially surprising love connection you might have made yesterday thanks to Venus and Uranus will be especially strong today.

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4th February Horoscope

The position of the moon will enrich our intellectual lives, send us strong sympathy with others, heightened awareness.

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