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Single Taurus ought to be recommended the group trip and for Leo it should equally be at an ease to make new bonds of contact

Daily horoscope - 25th August 2016
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Single Taurus ought to be recommended the group trip and for Leo it should equally be at an ease to make new bonds of contact

Daily horoscope - 25th August 2016 Scroll down

Single Taurus ought to be recommended the group trip and for Leo it should equally be at an ease to make new bonds of contact.

Thursday, August 25th 2016:

Dispute potential which is given by the constellation of Mars and Saturn is still working. The influences of the moon are even not benevolent for today. The diplomatic method would work the best possible way.

Gemini Moon

25. August 2016
moon (→ Gemini) (01:41)
last quarter (05:44)

Time Aspects
00:44 half moon (Gemini)
13:26 Moon Opposition Saturn
14:39 Moon Opposition Mars
15:08 Moon Square Neptune

Daily aspects

Current timezone: America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires, UTC-03:00 change timezone

Birthday on August 25th 2016:

Sean Connery (*1930), Gene Simmons (* 1949), Anne Archer (*1947), Salif Keïta (*1949)


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