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We are adventurous and venturesome

Daily horoscope - 11th January 2018
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We are adventurous and venturesome

Daily horoscope - 11th January 2018 Scroll down

We are adventurous and venturesome


Scorpio Moon

11. January 2018
moon (Scorpio)
waning crescent

Time Aspects
02:05 Mercury → Capricorn
05:32 Moon Conjunction Jupiter
06:21 Moon Sextile Pluto
09:36 Moon Conjunction Mars
10:44 Sun Sextile Moon
11:56 Moon Sextile Venus

Daily aspects

Current timezone: America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires, UTC-03:00 change timezone

Birthday on January 11th 2018:

Albert Hofmann (1906-2008), Jasper Fforde (*1961),  Mary J. Blige (*1971), Marc Blucas (* 1972), Amanda Peet (* 1972), Aja Naomi King (* 1985)


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