Libra Weekly Horoscope week 4

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Libra this week

Love and partnership

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You feel unsure of yourself and are putting undue stress on your lover.

Try to avoid taking out your frustration on them. Otherwise, you won't be having very many enjoyable moments in your relationship this week. If single exercise some restraint; your directness is often felt as too pushy by some. Your initial advances may be spurned, so let others make the first move.

Working life

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This week your energy level is especially high.

Unfortunately, you've difficulty in using this new found dynamism in a positive way. As a consequence, your irritability blocks the chances of a successful outcome and you are uncharacteristically mistrustful of your colleagues. If you want matters to improve, try to avoid confrontations and be more open to cooperation with others.


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You're full of energy and want to get some exercise, but it's difficult for you to decide what is most beneficial for you to focus on at the moment.

A healthy balance of challenges and relaxation can help you retrieve your self-composure. With what you eat, be sure your diet consists of a healthy balance and you'll intuitively feel how more relaxed and content you are.

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