Scorpio Weekly Horoscope week 12

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Scorpio this week

Love and partnership


Put some energy into your romantic life and make an effort to be happy in your relationship.

Listen carefully when your lover speaks to you. Don't unnecessarily put at risk what you've built together over the years! Try to utilize your enhanced energy to keep up the erotic tension between you. Surprise your lover, let them how spontaneous and original you can be.

Working life


It's important to give way in potentially argumentative situations or you'll find any progress you've previously made is eroded.

Concentrate on things you have to do and you'll be problem free. Be watchful; nobody should think you're being complacent! However, your work situation isn't everything; use your spare resources to create a better work/life balance for yourself.



Everybody knows physical exercise is good for your health.

You should be making use of your new found determination to strengthen your cardiovascular system. A careful approach is best; don't be reckless with your body! Gradually build your stamina and fitness in a controlled way. As a counter-balance to your work life, this is also a great way to set your mind at ease.

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