Yearly horoscope 2020 by | Photo: ©

Yearly Horoscope

What are your stars in 2020?
Yearly horoscope 2020 by | Photo: ©

Yearly Horoscope

What are your stars in 2020?

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Annual Horoscope Leo

07/23 - 08/23

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Yearly Horoscope

The annual horoscope for free

The patron of the year 2020 is the moon. That means the family and feelings will be in the foreground. There are also a few astrological constellations for a promising year.

Our emotional area is therefore strongly addressed. The moon also specifically activates our relationships with women. The moon also has to do with our eating habits. Whoever serves us our favorite dish, is especially loved.

Fortune planet Jupiter is in Capricorn and activates our moral behavior, our sense of duty and our business acumen. But Jupiter also awakens our ambition to acquire material riches through wisdom, patience, and dedication.

Saturn is, on the one hand, in Capricorn and continues to strengthen our sense of achievement. And in Aquarius, it reinforces our understanding of truth and our knowledge of renewal.


Horoscope 2020 - that year will be great  | Photo: ©
Photo: ©

A short astrological forecast for all zodiac signs 

Year of the Moon 2020 | photo: ©
Photo: ©

Each astrologically new year is always under the auspices of a particular celestial body, and the new year 2020 will be supported by the patronage of the moon. The moon is responsible for the female and maternal areas, for the entire emotional realm, and for family (including the circle of friends).  

Love Horoscope 2020 | Photo: ©
Photo: ©

In the year of the Moon 2020, the emotional area and love will play a vital role. Which Zodiac signs have good stars, and when? When is it better not to start a new relationship? 

The Duolun Lake under the Milky Way, in Inner Mongolia, China | Photo: ©
Photo: ©

Where are the planets in 2020? When do retrogrades take place? Jupiter is in Capricorn almost all year round. Saturn wanders briefly into the Aquarius in spring. He then returns and goes back briefly to Capricorn. The most important data can be found here ... 

Annual Horoscope Aries | photo: ©
Photo: ©

Arieses will have to overcome so many challenges in 2020. From Jupiter, you will have to expect poor help. Saturn will partly be positive, and somewhat troublesome (the planet is declining). Anyway, in the new year, Arieses should be careful not to strain themselves. 

Annual Horoscope Taurus 2020 | photo:©
Photo: ©

Tauruses are looking forward to a positive Jupiter in 2020; much will succeed. The planet Saturn will sometimes be favorable and sometimes tricky. Here is the annual overview 

Annual Horoscope Gemini 2020 | photo:©
Photo: ©

For Gemini, a reorientation is planned for 2020. Although Jupiter is somewhat unfavorable, in 2020 there will be excellent opportunities for work and especially love. 

Annual Horoscope Cancer 2020  | photo: ©
Photo: ©

The moon will stand in the Zodiac sign Cancer so that the lunar year will be favorable to this Zodiac. Unfortunately, Jupiter and Saturn spark a little bit in between. In summer, the stars will be helpful for a new love. 

Annual Horoscope Leo 2020 | photo: ©
Photo: ©

The optimistic Leos master the difficulties of the lunar year with their problem-solving skills. They will receive the necessary energy for an unusually long time from Planet Mars. Leos will experience especially precious moments of love from October, and then there will be still sweet passionate moments. 

Annual Horoscope Virgo  | photo: ©
Photo: ©

The year 2020 will be positive for Virgo. Jupiter will be favorable all year, Saturn only in part. If you are disciplined - and that's what Virgos are most of the time - much can succeed. 

Annual Horoscope Libra 2020 | photo: ©
Photo: ©

Libras should not exaggerate in 2020 - too much ambition can hurt. At the beginning of the year, the thing will not be going in the best way. The situation will improve during the year. 

Annual horoscope Scorpio | photo: ©
Photo: ©

Scorpios will experience rapid spiritual growth and a critical teacher Saturn in the new year. Scorpios have the true potential to achieve their goals and to learn new things. 

Annual Horoscope Sagittarius| photo: ©
Photo: ©

Sagittarius will have a lot of energy and strong willpower available in the new year. The year has many beautiful moments in the store. But especially at the end of the year, Sagittarius experiences great moments of love. Merkur then also particularly supports work and communication. 

Anual horoscope Capricorn | photo: ©
Photo: ©

A delighted lunar year is waiting for the Capricorn. You are supported all year round by Jupiter, the lucky planet of small and big surprises! This unusual conjunction is only found every 12 years. There will undoubtedly be excellent opportunities, especially for your birthdays. 

Annual Horoscope Aquarius | photo: ©
Photo: ©

The Aquarians experience a mixed year. With Jupiter holding back with his powers by the end of December, the Aquarians need their own energies to reach their goals. But then they are rewarded for their work.  

Annual Horoscope Pisces | photo: ©
Photo: ©

Pisces are lucky because Jupiter is in a pleasant ⚹extile all year round and brings so many happy moments and little surprises. Saturn in Capricorn ensures stable conditions. He strengthens Pisces for about seven months, and thus, projects can be successfully completed. 

Kurt Franz | Photo: Furgler
Photo: © Furgler

Some info about chief astrologer Kurt Franz: His sun is in the sign of Pisces; his ascendant is Taurus, the moon is in the sign of Virgo and Jupiter stays in the 10th house. 

Free 2019 yearly horoscope | Photo © ValentinValkov -
Photo: © Photo ValentinValkov -

New year, new you! Thanks to the power of Mercury, 2019 has the potential to be a successful year in business! It’s time to finally make your business idea a reality and take advantage of the energy of the stars... 

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