Scorpio yearly horoscope 2018  | © merla -

Yearly horoscope Scorpio 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Scorpio in 2018?
Scorpio yearly horoscope 2018  | © merla -

Yearly horoscope Scorpio 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Scorpio in 2018? Scroll down

Scorpio 2018

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And Saturn, which will be in Capricorn throughout 2018, will deliver the endurance and steadfastness they need. Scorpions will be pushed to do great things with its support. The two planets will complement one another perfectly, and Scorpios might see outstanding results in education and training. Scorpios might also find themselves getting a promotion or moving up the career ladder.

What will January be like?

January 2018 will start the year with a boost of energy since Mars will be in Scorpio. This Mars energy will push you to do great things. This is not a time for Scorpios to remain patient. In addition, the sun’s position might also provide unique opportunities - Scorpios should be sure to take advantage of these. Venus will also be sending love energy through 1/18; really, there’s no better way to start the year!


The energies will be changing in  February 2018 as the sun moves to Aquarius. This is a good time for Scorpios to assert themselves and prove their mettle. The sun will be providing its support again starting on 2/18, and Scorpios will feel less pressure to be assertive. This might be positively received by supervisors, and could lead to recognition thanks to Jupiter’s influence. In addition, Venus will still be in a bad mood at the beginning of the month. More favorable conditions for love will return on 2/10.

Powerful quincunx aspects

The sun will be sending powerful energies in March 2018, which will make Scorpios happy. You’ll be able to make the right decisions intuitively. This is especially important now, since Venus and Mercury will be in a quincunx angle to your sign throughout almost the entire month. This position will alert you to any difficulties in your career and love life. This is a good time to clear up any misunderstandings. The sun will also be in a quincunx angle at the end of the month. If Scorpios haven’t made any changes yet, now would be the time.

Things won’t necessarily get any easier in April 2018. Mercury will be retrograde, Venus will be in opposition, and the sun will illuminate some learning processes that may prove difficult. Luckily, Mars will be providing lots of energy to help you get through this phase.

What does the summer look like?

Venus will be improving energies starting on May 19th, 2018. If Scorpios have spent the past few weeks solving problems in their relationships in a constructive way, they’ll feel Venus’s positive position and be able to enjoy it.

June 2018 will remain a good time for love. Venus will be promoting all kinds of interpersonal relationships, providing a true jolt of creativity. The sun will provide great vital energy from the end of June on. Its influence will continue well into July 2018, continuing to deliver advantages and energy. Venus’s influence will be somewhat reserved at the start of the month, but will improve somewhat starting on 6/10. You might have difficulties in your professional life, with Mercury potentially disrupting communications and Mars making you more argumentative.

Scorpios should expect to continue experiencing professional difficulties in August 2018. In addition, Mercury will be retrograde - which means this isn’t a good time to sign contracts.

Finding your life partner

The sun will be helping out Virgos in September 2018 with plenty of energy, delivering a good mood and vital energy. Thanks to it, Scorpios will be feeling great and radiating confidence. Venus will then enter Scorpio starting on September 9th. No wonder this is such a good time for Scorpios to find a life partner. Just be cautious as Mars will be in a square position starting on 9/11. Scorpios might become combative during this time, and you won’t want to scare off that new love. It’s a better idea to invest excess energy in cleaning the house or in athletic activities of any kind.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Yearly Horoscope Scorpio 2018 | Photo: (c) teksomolika -

You’ll be celebrating your birthday starting on October 23rd 2018. This is the best and most favorable time for love. In addition, Jupiter will be providing extra supportive energy this month. Now’s the time to take a chance - nothing ventured, nothing gained! You might take a change on a new life partner, a wedding, a promotion, or the successful conclusion of a project.

The festive mood will continue for Scorpios in November 2018. They’ll be able to make progress on important projects with ease and a good attitude. Scorpios will especially see advancements in creative areas. Afterwards, things will calm down somewhat overall. The stormiest periods for love are over.

Fire and passion

Things are likely to get passionate again at the end of the year. Venus will be retrograde, so it will be back in Scorpio in December 2018, bringing with it a month focused on indulgence. In addition, Mars will really be turning up the heat. Scorpios can expect to see fireworks when it comes to passion.

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