Year of the Pig – Chinese Horoscope 2019 –  | photo: (c) zach -

The 2019 Chinese Horoscope – The Year of the Pig

Our vitality and social natures are awakened in the year of the pig
Year of the Pig – Chinese Horoscope 2019 –  | photo: (c) zach -

The 2019 Chinese Horoscope – The Year of the Pig

Our vitality and social natures are awakened in the year of the pig

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The 2019 Chinese Horoscope – The Year of the Pig

On February 5th, 2019 we move into the Chinese year of the pig, a lucky and joyous sign that governs the stars through January 24th, 2020. A pig brings luck, riches and satisfaction. People who work for social institutions or the community will be happiest with themselves this year. Financial success may come your way; after all, this year is the year of the “lucky pig” However, the year of the pig is focused much more on community cohesion, team spirit, and joyful togetherness. Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals there are. They do not get angry quickly and are very reliable.

Into the New Year with Delight

“Enjoy your life, and all the good things it has to offer!” That’s your focus in the new year, because pigs are true connoisseurs.

A pig symbolizes luck, riches, and satisfaction. China last celebrated the golden year of the pig in 2007. Hospitals were truly challenged during the year, as the birth rate suddenly spiked and women attempted to give birth to their children in the year of luck. A birth brings luck and a “new beginning” along with it. That’s a great reason to celebrate. Pigs love to celebrate festivals. They make no distinction between what’s “mine” and “yours” - pigs are excellent at sharing. In some cases, pigs may take food and drink from others without asking. They simply feel at home, and would be happy to share anything they have with others.

This year may be a year of joy and celebration for us. Sharing and generosity will be highly important. You may be looser with money than usual, so pay close attention to your finances, even if you do enjoy sharing what you have and giving to others.

Create Healthy Boundaries

Pigs have a somewhat difficult time creating boundaries. Because of this, you should be sure and safeguard your boundaries with others. Showing up unannounced to a party and eating your way through the buffet line could annoy some people. But as we’ve said: Pigs lead us towards sharing and generosity. Just take things in stride and greet uninvited guests with a smile. You will both bring satisfaction to yourself and delight your surprise guest.

Year of the Pig 2019| photo: (c) karepa -

A True Friend

Pigs will likely be thanked with plenty of joy, an open heart, and good understanding. Friendship is important to pigs, and you will very likely get the opportunity to engage in good discussions with a pig this year, as well as to make new friendships. The pig will show you how important friendship and benevolence are. If you meet someone born in the year of the pig this year, you will have a true friend for life. If you yourself were born in the year of the pig, then this will be a wonderful and joyous year for you.

Helping Professions

People born in the year of the pig are often found in social professions. These are jobs where they can focus on the topics of the year: “Being there for others” and “caring for others.” If someone born in the year of the pig enjoys these kinds of tasks, they will feel comfortable in this role. If they lack motivation, they may become sluggish or even lazy. People born in the year of the pig are not often found in leadership positions. They prefer to work in the background and bring people together in peace and harmony. The year of the pig, therefore, focuses much more on spiritual riches than material riches.

The Animal Signs in the Year of the Pig

The Pig in the Year of the Pig

Pigs know how to celebrate and enjoy life. The year of the pig will definitely be their year! People born in the year of the pig are known to be honest, and will enjoy great happiness this year. Pigs may also enjoy financial prosperity this year. The only question is what they will choose to do with it. Will they invest the money they make in their future, their own home and family, or give it away for charitable purposes? People born in the year of the pig may face important decisions; since they are one of the most intelligent signs, they are sure to make good choices...

However, they must use caution. All of the pig’s characteristics will be brought to the fore this year, and they may face difficult situations.

Hedonism and occasional naiveté may cause difficulties for anyone born under this sign. A well-meaning pig can also be taken advantage of. But since the year of the pig always emphasizes togetherness and friendliness, hopefully this won’t be the case all too often. After all, who would treat a good friend like the peaceful pig in a dishonest way? The pig is a good friend and listener, even if pigs do sometimes run riot and party a little too hard ...

Rats in the Year of the Pig

Friendship is the key for rats in the year of the pig, for both signs – rats and pigs – are kind and caring friends, happy and sociable. Although rats faced some challenges in the year of the dog, they will approach this year once again with joy and optimism. This is a wonderful quality rats have, and will provide excellent support to pigs.  Pigs also appreciate the honesty of rats. Nothing is more foreign to them than dishonesty and lies. Rats will be displeased at pigs’ attitude towards work. They may get into conflicts surrounding work, as rats are highly ambitious and will fight to their way to the top with teeth bared. Pigs tend not to value this trait, so the rat’s efforts to climb the career ladder could be all for naught. This will be a year of coming together, working together, and a year for good teamwork. If rats can show that they have good leadership qualities, and if they can work for the common good, they will be able to achieve a lot.

The Buffalo in the Year of the Pig

The gentle giant meets the good-natured pig. This combination works very well in friendships and in the workplace. However, buffalos can be highly ambitious and focused on reason, meaning they can come into conflict with pigs if they are not motivated enough. Pigs enjoy life to the fullest, and can sometimes forget their obligations in the middle of all the fun. Both signs could learn from one another this year. Buffalos might decide to let loose and celebrate with friends. Thanks to their highly ambitious work ethic, they can achieve a lot if they don’t let themselves be thwarted.

The Tiger in the Year of the Pig

When an idealistic and combative tiger meets a pig, enthusiastic pigs can quickly get carried away. This is true especially in terms of career; pigs are always looking for a strong incentive to be joyful and have fun whatever they do. Tigers appreciate this commitment and the pig’s advice; thanks to their honesty, pigs can protect tigers from engaging in thoughtless actions.  Tigers love being social with friends and enjoy celebrating festivals. Overall, tigers and pigs should get along well. Tigers and pigs also tend to harmonize well together in love. Although the restless tiger wants to move on, the pig can convince them to stay in a safe harbor and enjoy a cozy home life. Hopefully, this year will be a calmer one in terms of relationships for the tiger.

year of the pig 2019 | photo: (c) byrdyak -

The Rabbit in the Year of the Pig:

Rabbits and pigs go well together. Both of them are sensitive and appreciate a pleasant atmosphere. This is something they can agree on. But when pigs become too loud or celebrate a little too wildly, this can frighten off sensitive rabbits. The life of a pig is a little too much for them; instead, they prefer to withdraw and may have a tough time getting started. They can fall into the other extreme of suddenly becoming over-sensitive. Professionally, the two signs can enjoy moving in the same social circles. This is where the two really shine. However, sensitive rabbits could find the impetuous nature of the pig, which can sometimes overstep its bounds, a little too much at times. They might often prefer to simply snuggle up alone at home. In relationships, rabbits will need to take a break now and then and rest this year, so as not to be overcome by the high level of stimulation. They have nothing against a celebration or laughing around the dinner table, and will enjoy these kinds of get togethers. Rabbits may run into trouble as the pig pushes them towards hedonism. If rabbits are unable to escape the energy of the pig and maintain their own boundaries, they may also fall into the trap of overindulgence. Rabbits can also tend to be attracted to luxury. Rabbits are certainly welcome to enjoy life in the year of the pig, but they also need the ability to say “no” sometimes too and take time out from everyday life.

The Dragon in the Year of the Pig

The dragon symbolizes power, riches, and luck. Working together with the pig, they can achieve a lot. This is a time for dragons to breathe easy, as the year of the dog brought surprising conflicts. Things will be much more to the dragon’s liking now. Professionally, in particular, this will be a year of rich blessings. Dragons don’t like to slow down in their careers. They want to continue climbing the career ladder, and don’t appreciate it when pigs take long vacations after finishing their own work. The sign could learn a few things from the hedonistic pig – professional success isn’t all there is to life; balance is also important, as long as it doesn’t last too long. Dragons and pigs go together well in terms of interpersonal relationships, too. They are both helpful and interested in working for others through social engagement. They are both very honest signs and can engage with different opinions. However, due to their warmth and sincerity they can quickly get bent out of shape. Dragons will once again pursue their goals this year; if pigs are motivated enough, they can be a good team. When the energies of dragon and pig meet in love, they can really generate fireworks. Both of the signs enjoy spending time together and highly value harmonious relationships.  Pigs will thank dragons for their care, protection, loyalty, and support.

year of the pig 2019 | photo: (c) irontrybex -

Wachsame Schlange

The Snake in the Year of the Pig

Snakes have been able to achieve some of their goals in 2018, the year of the dog. Hopefully they have worked up their courage while also finding time to take breaks; snakes are quick in thought and action, and work to achieve power and riches. In some cases, they can forget that they need rest too. In the year of the pig, things will generally look good in terms of finances as the pig brings luck; snakes are sure to enjoy that! Snakes will truly work to achieve their goals this year.

However, they could become temperamental and be thrown off their game by the spontaneity of the pig. The easy, celebratory, relaxed year of the pig could get snakes out of their comfort zone. The sign typically keeps its distance. This is a characteristic pigs don’t share. This year, snakes will frequently have to work to find their balance. They could choose to do yoga or go for walks outdoors; in any case, they should put the brakes on their fast-paced lives and find some peace.

year of the pig 2019  photo: (c) cynoclub -

Pferd und Schwein

The Horse in the Year of the Pig

It was a great year of the dog in 2018 for horses, and they were able to use their knowledge, power and temperament to achieve great things. The year of the pig now has some challenges in store for temperamental horses. Horses love challenges, seeing them as an opportunity to prove their talents and abilities and achieve their goals. However, pigs could clash with the sign in doing so. Pigs prefer things to be relaxed and comfortable. It’s not always easy to catch and tame a running horse. Horses might feel more stifled than they would prefer at various points throughout the year. These are not common feelings for the fast-living horse, nor ones the sign appreciates. Just like pigs, horses are impulsive and can have their heads in the clouds. When the two signs meet, things can heat up quickly. However, both are also very forgiving and don’t hold a grudge. When the two signs have a party together things can get wild – hopefully in a positive way; both signs love social gatherings and parties. A party isn’t a party until the horses show up. Horses may also have a thing or two to learn this year. They must focus particularly on keeping peace and paying attention to others’ feelings. Moderation and tranquility may be difficult concepts for the horse, but horses should be open to new things.

year of the pig 2019 | photo: (c) ihervas -

Schaf und Schwein

The Sheep in the Year of the Pig

Pigs and sheep tend to get along well, as both are highly social signs. The sheep loves to spend time among friends and colleagues, and has a loving, warm, and mild personality. Crazy parties, however, are too much for the peaceful sheep. Sheep appreciate generosity just as pigs do, and if a sheep’s herd is doing well, then the sheep is happy. These qualities were very beneficial in 2018, the year of the dog. Overall, sheep will feel at peace once again this year. They may have difficulties related to creating discipline and structure around their work. Pigs may reinforce their more chaotic side and their tendencies to be lazy or to be too relaxed. Often, sheep can be found daydreaming at their desks, just thinking about how wonderful life is. Green pastures and blue skies await just outside, after all. Sheep don’t tend to be very focused on their careers, which won’t be a problem in the year of the pig. The focus this year is much more on happy moments with friends, enjoying life, and sharing all the joys of life with others. In love, especially, sheep can expect a positive year. Sheep and pigs tend to go well together and value similar things in terms of love.  Sheep should pay close attention to their finances this year. In the year of the pig, they may find themselves being a little too free with their pocketbooks and could tend towards wastefulness. Saving isn’t the sheep’s natural strong point, and the year of the pig will push them towards extravagance and foster their attachment to beautiful and luxurious goods ... Sharing is all well and good, but you have to make sure you have enough to take care of yourself at the end of the day.

year of the pig | photo: (c) Michael Boy -

Kuschelzeit bei Schwein und Affe

The Monkey in the Year of the Pig

A party? Fun? A good discussion? Laughter and nonsense? The mischievous monkey would be in heaven. The year of the pig is right up their alley. Monkeys spend time honing their expertise and love to show it off; small talk at a party here, a heated discussion there – monkeys jump right into the thick of things. Pigs truly appreciate the unbridled enthusiasm of the monkey. Monkeys are sure to gain lots of new friends this year. Be careful, however, around a monkey that doesn’t get what they want. They may become stubborn or even show their teeth. Not everyone can handle these kinds of displays, and especially not pigs. If monkeys start acting up to get what they want, others might find them off-putting or even mistrust them. Monkeys should focus on honesty in the year of the pig.  If monkeys attempt to push through their own opinions and ambitions at any price, they may experience unpleasant conflicts in their jobs. Monkeys have a highly developed sense of self, and may lose sight of their surroundings. This year, they will get the opportunity to involve others in their plans and actions. Monkeys will be on the safe side if they focus this year on making sure everyone gets a slice of the pie. They should learn to share and seek out the common good. Pigs will thank them and love them for it.

year of the pig 2019 | photo: (c) Grigorita Ko -


The Dog in the Year of the Pig

The dog is coming off of a successful 2018; after all, it was the dog’s own year! Now the cards will be shuffled once again, and things might not go quite as smoothly. Dogs have a strong sense of justice, a trait pigs can appreciate. Dogs will once again work to help friends and colleagues this year. They are just as interested in social engagement as pigs. The two signs, however, approach this work somewhat differently. While pigs tend to be more quiet and stay in the background to smooth the way for others, dogs will be right in the thick of things, sometimes with fangs bared. They must watch out to make sure they not only differentiate between friends and foes, but also build bridges between the two sides. Pigs will be encouraging the sign to do so this year especially. In conflicts, dogs are good at getting the upper hand. Pigs, in contrast, can tend to give in. Pigs avoid conflict and don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Dogs tend to look for solutions that will satisfy both sides. A dog doesn’t need to have a fancy career to be happy with their life. They find meaning in their lives through working for the common good and focusing on order and justice. Pigs and dogs can be an ideal team in both professional and social environments. Both of them focus on the joy of life rather than on riches or fame.

year of the pig 2019 | photo: (c) Grigory Bruev -

Hahn und Schwein

The Rooster in the Year of the Pig

The rooster brings structure to the somewhat chaotic year of the pig. They will have to fight on many fronts once again this year, as the chaotic and spontaneous nature of the pig creates difficulties for the sign. However, proud and confident roosters are good at bringing order to chaos. Creating structure and financial order are two of the rooster’s strengths. They have the ability to see through difficulties and think a lot of their own opinions. They don’t shy away from stating these opinions at business functions. There will be plenty of celebrations this year where roosters can brag about their accomplishments. Since pigs don’t worry much about structure and order, they can come into conflict with roosters. Roosters may often find themselves on the defensive. If they can’t create the order they crave, they could feel uncertain rather than confident. Roosters don’t like chaos, and can be meticulous about their finances. Pigs, in contrast, love spending money – preferably for a good cause. Roosters aren’t known as the most generous of the animal signs. This year they should learn to share and trust that life will catch them, even if things go differently than they had planned.

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