Libras attitude toward Jealousy| photo: © Jeffrey Banke -

Libras attitude toward Jealousy

Jealousy of the Zodiac Signs: Libra
 Libras attitude toward Jealousy| photo: © Jeffrey Banke -

Libras attitude toward Jealousy

Jealousy of the Zodiac Signs: Libra

Libras attitude toward Jealousy


Everyone knows the symbol of justice with its scales that might be kept in balance… equally shows the zodiac sign of Libra the synonymous quality. Libra considers different attitudes and numerous point of views. Accurateness is his significant property. Before the decision would make it must make sense first of all. Arguing – he is fond of doing it in an enthusiastic way.  Zodiac signs of the element of air symbolize incomparable sublime awareness. They like to soar with a high standard of intelligence and intellectuality.

The sign of Libra has the will to equalize his life and the life of other persons as well. He looks for solutions to remove the deficiency – this he considers as his meaning in life.

Though we know it is impossible, but his characteristics remain: being politically and polite, reserved and amiable. Venus, the tutelary goddess of beauty and arts makes out his sense for subtleties and intricacies. Libra tries to represent and to embody these attributes he himself is fond of. Whenever it seems to be possible to him he is oriented to the arts and their general and classic mission. Libra, in general, would represent a bright appearance - with a strong sense for details and he implies a rigid and sober state of mind and applies the bar high.

Venus offers besides its politeness charming and strategic foresight. It can happen Libra shows charitable and benevolent traces. Libra regarding his very own nature, he is often unbalanced – and suffers from that feature. But he likes to support others by giving them back their balance. He is a melancholic one. Sometimes – most of the time he appears vivid in public. He shows making decisions, but he might dislike it? Maybe the influence of Mars as the decision-maker is absent. Obviously is missed the counterpart to the planet Venus and its typical feature. Venus needs Mars and Mars needs Venus – maybe that’s all? Finally, the contemplation of both sides could make it complete – in a generous way, of course.

Another significant feature of all air sign is the talent and the genial ability to communicate in an awesome manner. Taking influence in the frame of mind of other persons is one typical characteristic item. His point of view remains crucial – toward all welcoming experience and world-wide open-mindedness. It occurs despite it all – it doesn’t matter.  Learning – it is another subject in Libra’s life. Learning something new and different – he likes it very much - having no doubt about it. After all, he is arguing – often too much, but most of the time he talks charmingly as well – throughout conveying critical scrutiny.  He has another standard to be balanced – in between being in balance and being unbalanced – for that reason his nature is Libra.

 Moreover, it ought to be valued in a positive way – therefore Libra has good or – more or less- interesting intentions. It seems to be admirable how Libra can handle his inner conflict between the wish of being and acting in a perfect way – giving in additionally his final doubt and crucial analyzing nature. Like all air signs, nature may appear: Libra is a representer of a direct spokesman – it might be given in some situations an uneasy spirit, but he is sincere and honest. Representative faithfulness toward his very own personality: oddity and grace.


Finally it should be mentioned he carries over the scent of grandness – accomplishing classic tradition of global awareness. He lives for its emphasised eagerness to see all beauty and pass it. Libra is searching a love relationship of profound emotional deep, but remains often only desired and in reality unfulfilled. Considering the exchange of mutual needs in communication and participation some wishes cannot be satisfied:

Libra is actually open-minded and a fascinating intuitive sense – but he cannot impart this concession. Tragic contradiction thus he is quite a sensitive partner and would intend to give his best. Drawing the conclusion he likes being solitary on the whole – casting some parts in life. Regarding his appearance he is the sought –after partner, but after some time would have passed it must be seen he is half that type. Career is also Libra’s stage – and charmingly he anticipated making his career… Contradictory or not – what he intends to achieve has to work! Be aware when he would have been defeated. For him it may represent the personal crisis. He carries his inner and outer balancing act – does not working well, when he admitted meekly he would have failed. Another short digression leads to the old Greek myths and the struggle for recognition: take the sword and you will follow - the Martian revelation. Venus would show a friendly face and tries to convince.   

When both mingled it might be perfect... Venus gives Libra wings to fly and to feel even like a butterfly when life or in certain cases love relationship does not work in an expected way. Libra has lots of ideas and he is a learner of his essential needs. Bringing flowers and leaving with pride. It might be easy for both: Libra and his love. Working on a level of agreements he becomes tired of neglecting what he already has come to know: having been neglected oneself. Leaving with a smile -how to say Good-Bye in a perfect way?  It makes no difference how to leave, but you must leave. He is not happy with a love relationship whenever he would have felt that something – a ration of love and affection - he would have missed all the time. Therefore his inner balance makes the difference when his outer appearance is still smiling… Avoiding some misunderstanding: Libra is an affectionate partner, but after proving. If at all faithfulness can happen after proving. Libra takes his time when he needs it.

Is he crucial enough toward himself? For some time he feels better, but he remains that critical type and when it is so much easier: why do not blame the other? Attractiveness is the attraction - when you might have to give so many remarkable properties. Sensuality is the sensation:  you might see so much of it all in everyone – and for Libra, therefore he knows. Against this background it is no need to be said for Libra jealousy is no topic or issue to deal with. Certainly, as a fact it should be mentioned there is no joy to experience being deceived, but actually it is no drama in Libra’s free and liberal frame of mind.

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