Taurus attitude toward jealousy

If Taurus actually flies into a rage, take good care for your salvation and you would flee head over heels…

Taurus attitude toward jealousy

If Taurus actually flies into a rage, take good care for your salvation and you would flee head over heels…

Taurus attitude toward jealousy

Fiery Aries is ruled by the planet of Mars and idealized execution and completion of the idea - in this sign it is expressed - or even destruction when the negative side is involved - followed by Taurus, which designates the planet of Venus as her guide, the goddess of love. As you can see, the zodiac signs processes from the god of war to love goddess. It continues on through the zodiac circle: 

Contrarian constellations approach at its best. Although now is Venus the goddess of love, but what many people do not realize is the fact that there are two kinds of love, namely, selfish or egoistic love and selfless love. Venus, representing the physical beauty, is the representative of the first category, that of selfish love, of sex, of pleasure. The representative of selfless love, but so the higher or divine love, the representative of inspiration and art embodies Neptune. The higher or divine love is also called sacrificial power, and with this clear characterization is also immediately clear that the higher love has little to do with pleasure. The love we have placed around our children is higher love is sacrifice power. Education is well known, tedious, as parents know all too well, but the individual results of the education can then already be very amusing when they experienced as children so prepare us in return a lot of joy.

The higher Love

Venus is so selfish love, the sex, the pleasure; and Neptune the higher love, the selfless love that sacrifices force. To be sure, both types can mix well with each other, which would then also be the ideal case, and of course also happens, but probably not as often. In the literature, there are plenty of examples where describes how a person loves another such that it accepts any sacrifice, even death.

Having said this, it becomes clear why the average Taurus, which is dominated by Venus, even so entitles possessiveness inside. The pleasure Venus gives her, she wants to keep eventually -not only she wants to keep it, but we all, more or less, have Taurus parts - but Taurus contains her nature particularly strong. Mars forms Aries, Venus shapes and characterizes Taurus. Aries could appear wiry and stringy, has strong features, a fast pace and brisk movements. Taurus, however, has a rounder physique, a good-natured appearance coupled with a friendly look, while she would often leisurely walks away. You can see clearly now: lust and pleasure: enjoy - Taurus is a connoisseur inside and out - Taurus dislikes being in a rush, but she prefers taking some time…


Later also from all the other characters, as is always Taurus, Aries and Gemini e.g. meant the well-known - indeed from man and woman consistency. For one thing, women have no consistency approach - and if they would have decided, they seem to be passive as a trait of revenge - an innate gift or not? Predisposed to suffer? Still safe and aim to be leading the way through brutal excesses, in which the blood flows freely, from what you may feel disgusted… but admittedly confirm here the exceptions prove the rule.

Caused by her physical beauty and the ability to enjoy - Venus, which is more or less depending on personal development, Taurus likes everything beautiful that surrounds her. As down to earth person who is firmly grounded, the best thing, first of all, seems to be money: her possessions help her being stronger and determined at all. First of all, she needs the safety. She thinks just logical and says to herself not having money, she cannot afford, but she likes all pleasures…  Therefore Taurus works hard to gain enough to own of these bills. Then it may be bound to happen: she is fond of bundle of banknotes…

Comparing both zodiac signs with regard to each unique purpose in life, e.g., Aries and Taurus: one may say Aries struggles to implement his ideas and Taurus struggles to be able to afford her delights. Well, ladies, so fundamentally different men can be, even the first two categories. You may have the choice.


Venus explains constantly strong libido and this may justify having missed accurate perception.

Loving means "taking care" but therefore, Taurus must realize being satisfied with all the beauty around her - at least all optically incorporated and stores in his head; by the way for Taurus jealousy actually not a big issue. Because you think even if you as a man having a harem of would say, 50 women or even more - if only virtually, - then it is completely irrelevant if you get a lost, right? Also 10% are still to cope with and will hardly upset. Moreover, Taurus would offer everything for getting what she wants. So what? Only Taurus can make your love life exciting, Taurus thinks. Why not follow? The idea seems to be absolutely absurd.


For Taurus it appears incomprehensible and she is set on fire: her brain could be instantly overridden! Beg your pardon, but on the other hand Taurus actually is unforgiving, if not, it ought to be a lie.

Be cautious, ladies and gentlemen: therefore do not take this issue lightly! Which category would you choose?   

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