Virgo’s attitude toward Jealousy | photo: © Nejron Photo -

Jealousy of the Zodiac Signs: Virgo’s attitude toward Jealousy

Virgo could happen to miss the wood for trees…
Virgo’s attitude toward Jealousy | photo: © Nejron Photo -

Jealousy of the Zodiac Signs: Virgo’s attitude toward Jealousy

Virgo could happen to miss the wood for trees…

Jealousy of the Zodiac Signs: Virgo’s attitude toward Jealousy

Virgos are hardworking and decent people who perceive the world less in their entirety, well as many more in detail and interpretation. The adage tells us a lot about Virgo and can actually help to understand accurately in so many cases. You are missing details in life? What indisputable facts you may ever have seen try the interpretation of Virgo - in many fields it would represent a great benefit: Considered from the beginning to each scientific analysis.

In appearance Virgo has a casual attitude, and sometimes it could be given the impression carrying the weight of the world. Well, it might show her nature in its true origin, however, which relates to Virgo’s the state of mind. Her innate nature parses every single detail and disassembly- if she found the point she feels more content than before… for example, she rearranges her paperwork. After having done it she feels quite exhausted, but the same notice she would have missed before could not found yet and furthermore, she shows herself more discontent than ever. Therefore you ought to remember what is mentioned:  the same dull work soon appears again and again - and will be extended by a quite unsatisfactory attitude. Virgo can offer the complete opposite, but exciting and spicy conflicts in someone’s life story. Virgo has often a sober and objective look in her gentle eyes.

The characterization of Virgo's sober look represents the key feature because she feels actually responsible for what could happen. Life is always thoroughly sensible and orderly, of course, it is precisely and exactly the opposite of freaky.   Order, systems, and regulation are important - but she cannot handle it easily: the disturbance of imbalance - an imbalanced situation! It's to blame for errors.

As a matter of fact Virgo never ever could give in to pressure or an unclear or even uncertain condition. For her, it has significance where she is standing. If you are looking for a freaky type for the future then you need to look elsewhere, such hopes would be in vain. Virgo represents the earth – with all its goods and stability – she is quite disposed to material goods and values, but spiting she is full of idealism and ideals.





Laudable Virgo – she’s quite fine like the similar oriented Mercury patronage sign of Gemini. Considered on the whole: Reasonable decisions, but not often being executed: distinct natures are obvious between Virgo and Gemini. Virgo is an earth sign within the zodiac circle, but Gemini represents the element of air. Intellectual and smart are both sign – but the reason why they are different types is implied by the distinct element. Here comes the unusual contrast: materialistic Virgo is guided by an idealistic minded conception. The pursuit of happiness lies in rejected ambition to gain goods and compliments but neglecting them and pushing them aside while it happens. For Gemini Mercury brings inspiration – for Virgo the planet of Mercury brings first precious access to perfect communication, but Mercury likes to play for both. The wind is the essential element that focussed the mind and acting of Gemini – air sublimes to greater things and brings motion and movement to earth and distinct consideration of all aspects. The nature of the elements of air may think a long time before acting – maybe some ideas could be left behind… Air is breathed as well and brings freedom and liberal conceptions when the time for action comes one-day deliberation and liberation would be the significant topics.

Virgo donates the breeze that you are longing for – with sincerity on her mind. Mercury could bring a flower to earth when Virgo would discover it. Perhaps you will certainly find a state of ease. Virgo has patience – most of all – and you might treat her well with care and respect.

Respect is the key which has to be received or delivered when you considerate to get closer to Virgo’s personality. There are many stories might have been told. Virgo thinks a long time before acting and when the time for acting comes, the perfect idea could have been disappeared – Virgo, you should maintain awareness to your ideas and dreams. Virgo is very clear about her conceptions – but she has no definite plan to carry out what would have been her genuine intention. Virgo has a rigid attitude towards herself and she is easily getting discontented after having been failed or at least unsuccessful. Virgo seems to be out of reach for ordinariness and so-called everydayness. She sees many details in a perfect way, but somehow she seems to be blind when minor details are required. Healthy awareness is no concept that must be tried to live – she has natural conscience when things run out of danger. Finally Virgo detested vulgar speech or even colloquial conversation. When the time is over she feels actually annoyed about such crudeness and primitiveness. By the way she is a learner – give her the opportunity – she might prefer good old fashioned style. If she could show her disappointment she appears petty or somehow small-minded – in spite of all intelligence and intellectual knowledge that is given to her by nature. After all it is recommended to behave sober but not blind at all – different consideration of various views: sensual pleasure presents throughout a topic and fact in Virgo's thoughts.

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