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Mercury in the Zodiac Signs

How do you approach problems? Mercury reveals how you think
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Mercury in the signs of the zodiac
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In the birth chart one also learns in which star sign Mercury was at the time of birth. Mercury gives information about how the person thinks, argues, and approaches the solution to problems. It represents the professional world, thinking, and finances.

Mercury in Aries


People with this birth constellation like to discuss and argue but also tend to exaggerate. They can be very impulsive and also volatile. But a good intellect and a great thirst for knowledge distinguish them.

Mercury in Taurus

When Mercury is in Taurus, your mind works slowly but thoroughly. You prefer to use it in the material sphere. You have other characteristics: Being dogmatic and taciturn, practical, calculating, and diplomatic. You may be intent on your advantage. Once you have formed a judgment about something, you usually stick to it rock solid.

Mercury in Gemini

Tactically and diplomatically gifted and therefore careful when speaking. These people have practical minds and sober thinking. However, they can also be very headstrong and dogmatic.

Mercury in Cancer

People with this constellation are very receptive and adaptable but can also be fickle and changeable in their views and easily annoyed and dissatisfied. Often concerned with their advantage.

Mercury in Leo

Lots of self-confidence, pride, ambition, and organizational skills. However, the person may be quarrelsome and react in vain on bad days.


Mercury in Virgo

These people are witty, scientifically inclined, and possess a critical mind. They have practical skills as well as manual dexterity. In bad aspects, fickle and egotistical.

Mercury in Libra

This constellation stands for sincerity and striving for harmony and balance. These people collect a lot of knowledge. Often they are educated persons and possess great psychic powers.

Mercury in Scorpio

You have a sharp and critical mind - but you should avoid hurtful expressions at all costs! You love the simplicity and have little sense of pleasure. You are very fond of the opposite sex.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Very impulsive and easily excited. This birth constellation stands for philosophical dispositions and great ambition. Often very rash, which can bring some harm.

Mercury in Capricorn

You are persevering and hard-working and have great powers of concentration. However, you are also very critical, suspicious, and stubborn. Bad aspects can cause disturbances in your emotional life.


Mercury in Aquarius

This bear is a clever and polite person and possesses compassion for the weaknesses and helplessness of others. He is an abstract thinker with an excellent ability to judge human characters.

Mercury in Pisces

This constellation represents sensitive people with good adaptability and extraordinary inventiveness. Bad aspects, however, are superficial, untidy, meaningless, and harmful.

Don't you know what sign Mercury was in at your birth? Then use our Ascendant Calculator to get an overview of all the characters.


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The birth horoscope shows what the star sign and ascendant are in your zodiac sign and what each of the other planets was in at the time of your birth. Each planet symbolizes something different. Mercury, for example, symbolizes our ability to communicate, and the Moon represents the emotional world.