Ascendant Leo

Ascendant Leo wants to achieve some glory on this earth.
Ascendant Leo | Photo: © EcoView -

Ascendant Leo wants to achieve some glory on this earth. He wants to create something significant in his lifetime. Actually he uses the enjoyable way and executes his plan energetically. He is fed by positive energy and considers aspects of life as a game whereat he wants to take the lead.

He enjoys life and acts out his feelings. Ascendant Leo actually does not suffer from self-doubt but rather he seems to be arrogant and egocentric. He wants to have the leading part and likes to be on stage. He actually is not open-minded or receptive towards criticism or good advice.

Ascendant Leo with his positive attitude towards life in combination with his enthusiasm and hearty eagerness – these attributes make him a good mentor and he will win somebody’s heart for his own plans and ideas. He has visions and the ability to mediate and motivate each other. By the way he appears self-reliant and dictatorial as well – predestined for leading parts.

Positive characteristics:

Self-confident, creative, independent, optimistic, kind-hearted, benevolent, generous, faithful, honest, dynamic, enthusiastic and active.

Negative aspects:

Bouncing, vain, insolent, domineering, autocratic, pleasure-seeking, prodigal, egocentric, arrogant, fond of being the leader and likes to be praised.

Ascendant Leo is open-minded and prepared to take new paths. Unconventional thinking is his part – sometimes he crosses the line of appropriate behaviour.

Descendant Aquarius helps Ascendant Leo to reduce his need for admiration in the course of life and makes him more a common one with an increasing sense of community.

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