Ascendant Scorpio

Persons with the rising sign Scorpio are in the mood for passion.
Ascendant Scorpio - Rising Sign | Foto: (c) konradbak -

Persons with ascendant develop great passion. No matter whether there are new hobbies, a new love or new personal life objectives. When interest and enthusiasm once have been aroused nothing could stop them and prevent the realization of their ideas and dreams. Thereby ascendant Scorpio shows considerable insistence.

She clings to her own initial concept and would not like to change her mind by other person’s advice or ancillary agreements. She do not listen to that or follow such advice. Almost this could give the impression of being compulsive and obsessed to get the yearned result finally. Deferring own requirements to be succeeded in getting better conditions. Ascendant Scorpio is idealistic and pedantic. So it will not be easy to realize her personal objects and ideas in life.

Positive characteristics:

Reliable, dynamic, passionate, predominant, nifty, determined, enthusiastic, insistent, humorous, intelligent, discreet, ascetic.

Negative aspects:

Labile, unconscionable, arrogant, dogmatic, self-opinionated, obsessive, compulsive, pessimistic, uncompromising, intolerant, perfectionistic, envious, jealous, inconsiderate.

Forced by high demands there is no room for failure – when it would be occurred there will no satisfying solution being accepted. If there is no way out of her personal disaster she blames and expresses accusation. Notorious enthusiasm is changing to profound self-doubt. Every single defeat reveals shame.

With regard to profession and career ascendant Scorpio is keen to experiment and likes to get to the bottom of things and tends to go deeper into the matter than simply believing in. looking for adventure by finding out the spirit and limits. Referring to love and relationship she is more reliable and trusting in a constant process.

Descendant Taurus represents the counterpart of ascendant Scorpio. In her course of life person with ascendant Scorpio must learn to be more patient and to develop calmness. In case of failure she has to recognize to see no total breakdown - just that one plan or idea would not have been succeeding. Supplemented by these attributes of calmness and patience she will find her way much better than before. Her point of view is much more a far-sighted advisor.

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