Cancer Ascendant | Photo: © kharchenkoirina -

Cancer Ascendant

Emotional and sensitive
Cancer Ascendant | Photo: © kharchenkoirina -

Cancer Ascendant

Emotional and sensitive

Cancer Ascendant

Their high sensitivity characterizes people with Cancer ascendant. What they perceive and experience is absorbed deep inside and processed emotionally. They feel a deep connection with nature and the environment.

They are very empathetic when dealing with other people and can easily walk in their shoes. They are impressed quickly. Everything affects them and touches them personally. They can process these sensations with their creative streak and create something new.

But since Cancer ascendants are unable to defend themselves against all kinds of influences, they are also easily vulnerable. They react with withdrawal and flight, quickly question themselves, and tend to doubt and ponder.

If Cancer ascendant born people feel under pressure, they can quickly lose their composure and react very strongly emotionally. Sometimes Cancer ascendants are therefore considered moody.
Sometimes they also suffer from fear of the future and have a strong sense of nostalgia.

The more life experiences people with Cancer ascendant have, the better they learn not to let all adversities of life come so close to them emotionally and to feel into everything and everyone. Their descendant Capricorn shows them the way there.

Strengths of Cancer ascendants

They are maternal, versatile, affectionate, cuddly, kind, familiar, romantic, humorous, tolerant, tender, graceful, sensitive, emotional, close to nature, creative

Weaknesses of Cancer ascendants

They are usually unsteady, moody, romantic, sensitive, moody, grumpy, easily hurt, melancholic, unfounded

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