What Is a Descendant?

The Descendant is the zodiac sign that sets on the western horizon at birth
The meaning of the Descendant

On the horizon axis, exactly opposite the Ascendant opposite, lies the Descendant (abbreviation DC). It is the sign of the zodiac that sets on the western horizon (the intersection of the western horizon with the ecliptic) at the time of a person's birth.

In contrast to the Ascendant, which describes our dispositions and shows how we react intuitively to situations, the Descendant rather describes what a person does not have, what he or she lacks. It shows how a person has to deal with things in everyday life that are too much for them because of their dispositions in the Ascendant. The Descendant symbolizes what the person still has to learn or how one's own potential can be better used.

The word descendant has its origin in the Latin language. It comes from the term "descendere", which means "to descend" in English.

The descendant thus stands for the outside and the influences that affect and challenge a person. It can also become a projection surface for things that the respective person does not live out or would like to live out.

It is often described as a 'you point' in the horoscope.

It is particularly interesting to look at the Descendant within a partner's horoscope. It shows how one perceives one's counterpart, especially one's partner, how one deals with him, and what he still has to learn with regard to a happy partnership.

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