Libra Ascendant

The Charming & Balanced Beauty
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People with Libra Ascendant are blessed with natural charm and beauty. They live for encounters and exchanges with others and enjoy the beauty of their environment. Because they are pleasant to interact with, making new friends is easy for them.

Libra Ascendants are primarily happy and friendly and can have a balanced approach to life. However, they can be hesitant to commit because their fear of being disliked is sometimes significant. They also often like many people at once and have so many people wanting their affection.


You must remember that Venus, the planet of love, rules them. In Greek mythology, Venus is Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and all she wants is beautiful and loving relationships with many people. Venus is exalted in Pisces, showing that all a Libra Ascendant wants from a romantic relationship is unconditional love

Libra Ascendant Motto and Looks

Professionally, you can often find the Libra Ascendant in the artistic and legal fields. They enjoy fashion, design, literature, and the visual arts - fields where aesthetics and harmony play a significant role. In love, it is easy for them to get to know new people. They attach great importance to openness, honesty, and, of course, harmony. This is all to do with Venus. Their Motto is "I want harmony (and love). "

The Libra AC person can be very beautiful . Libra rules beauty, and this person can look exquisite to the eye. The women are often curvy with long flowing hair, while the men are beautiful, without too much body hair. They often wear white and pastel colors, as well as pink and blue. 


Libra Ascendant Qualities - The Good

Harmonious interaction between people is particularly important to the Libra Rising. They often intervene and take on the role of mediator in conflicts between co-workers, friends, and family. People recognize their diplomatic skills and often seek them out for their balanced opinions.

Libra Ascendant Qualities - The Bad

If they are in a dispute, they tend to avoid the problem altogether instead of finding a balanced resolution . Because they seek balance in all things, they tend to give in quickly and abandon their own points of view for the sake of harmony. Their own needs and desires are usually left behind for fear of pushing others away. Libra Ascendant people find making decisions very hard. They take a long time to weigh the pros and cons and avoid taking a clear position. Libra Risings must learn to assert their points of view and defend their wants and needs. 

Libra Descendant - Aries

Their corresponding Descendant is Aries , and like their firey counterpart, Libra Ascendants have the opportunity to learn to be more sure of their decisions and stand up for themselves in this lifetime. Aries is all about war, and Libra is all about peace and that is one of the biggest polarities in the Zodiac. They are often attracted to people who have a lot of testosterone, their complete opposite, who add vitality to the relationship, can take charge, and help make decisions easier.


Aries (Mars, Ares) rules the first house of the zodiac of the self, while Libra (Venus, Aphrodite) rules the 7th house of others.    

Libra Ascendant Positive Traits

They are graceful, modest, amiable, cuddly, cheerful, optimistic, idealistic, helpful, selfless, generous, merciful, and often correct.

Libra Ascendant Negative Traits

They are usually light-hearted, reckless, comfortable, and gullible. They can be addicted to consumption and cleaning, in need of luxury, wasteful, helpless, moody, easy to influence, unable to make decisions, prefer to avoid disputes, and give in too quickly .

Famous Libra Ascendant Celebrities

The list of famous Libra Rising celebrities includes the very handsome two-time Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington (who has perfectly balanced facial symmetry), hip hop star Doja Cat , Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet, Grammy award-winner singer and actor Harry Styles , actress Rose Byrne and multiple Grammy award winner Beyonce.


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