Pisces Ascendant | Photo: © Andrey Kiselev - stock.adobe.com

Pisces Ascendant

Idealistic, good-natured, generous
Pisces Ascendant | Photo: © Andrey Kiselev - stock.adobe.com

Pisces Ascendant

Idealistic, good-natured, generous

Pisces Ascendant

People with Pisces ascendant are susceptible. They have a good feel for the sentiments of their fellow human beings; they are incredibly compassionate and feel connected to everyone. They are accommodating and always ready to listen to the concerns of others.

They can defend themselves badly against external influences and are easily vulnerable. Everyday life with all its problems and struggles is not always easy to master for Pisces ascendant born people and a challenge for them. They easily withdraw from problems and dream of a different, better, and more truthful world.

Pisces ascendants are happy to deal with questions that revolve around the truth behind our material world, such as philosophical and religious questions. They sense that there is a lot more to discover behind the surface.

You will find your desire and urge to connect to other people above all in a well-functioning partnership. The Ascendant Pisces do everything for the loved ones and enjoy being close together.

Even if sensitivity and big heart are very positive qualities of the Pisces ascendant, they must learn in between to differentiate themselves from others and not to cling too much to their fellow human beings. The descendant Virgo can show the way there. With their sense of reality and practicality, the Pisces ascendants gradually gain traction.

Strengths of the Pisces ascendant

They are idealistic, believing, internalized, truthful, selfless, good-natured, meek, charitable, helpful, devoted, kind, trusting, humble, benevolent, soulful.

Weaknesses of the Pisces ascendant

They can be mysterious, meddling, adventurous, lavish, drunk, dissatisfied, depressed, uncontrolled, restless, self-torturing, weak-willed, baseless, often overwhelmed in everyday life, they tend to flee into the dream world.

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