Aries Sun - Aquarius Rising

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“To boldly go where no man has gone before” is a tagline from the series and movie “Star Trek,” which is all about aliens and technology, and fits in perfectly with this combination. (William Shatner played captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek for years, and has this combination).

Uranus rules Aquarius and in Greek mythology, Uranus was Father Heaven, husband and son of Mother Earth (Gaia). Ares (Mars) is descended from him, and Uranus was the strongest god of all. He was the Father god.


Here, in this combination, is an eccentric Aries who must do his own thing always. He may view the world a bit differently from others, seeing interesting solutions and patterns to everyday problems.

He may be very tall, (Saturn once ruled Aquarius), with green or blue eyes, and a very pleasant demeanor. The Aquarius rising elevates the Aries Sun, and a keen intelligence may be the result, where logic skills must be built upon on a daily basis. This person has electric energy, and is usually goal-oriented and has many friends from school, college and work. This person will love all forms of technology as well as performing dynamic action towards self-growth.

As a child, this person, is always taking things apart and putting them back together again to figure out how things work. They’re extremely curious about the world and love the world of science and esoterism.

When it comes to career, there must be some sort of challenge to the mind involved here. Scorpio rules the Midheaven, so an interest in all things magic and supernatural will be of interest, and possibly become a part of the career. However, Cancer rules the 6th House of work, so this person needs to be a nurturing figure at work, feel part of a “family” or work from home for the happiest work life.


As Cancer rules the 6th House of health, regular mammograms need to occur after the age of 30 for females and digestive health always needs to be looked at for both men and women with this combination. There also may be slight periods of depression here and there, which can be lifted with a really good comforting meal and loving company.

When it comes to love, the best matches for this person will be Leos (which rule the 7th House of relationships and marriage), Libras, other Aquarians and Aries, Geminis, and Sagittarians. This person is not one to cuddle up straight away (especially in the beginning of relationships), and doesn’t feel comfortable talking about their emotions and feelings, or dwelling on past hurts. If there is a fracture in any sort of love relationship, it must be tackled straight on, fixed, and then life must go on.

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as an Aquarius rising, this person needs to jot down all their amazing ideas in the morning and concentrate on social networking. They get their best ideas in the morning, often having dreamt up some brand-new concept they must explore, and its good for them to focus on them. It’s best to roll out of bed, jump into a cool shower, get a cup of coffee, sit down and begin working on their ideas.

Famous Aquarius Rising/Aries Sun People


One of the most famous magicians, Harry Houdini, had this combination – and he was known for constantly challenging himself, and amazing and surprising people that were entertained by him. He is still remembered to this day, as being one of the most amazing magicians that ever lived. The Gladiator movie (2000) starred Russell Crowe, who has this combination – and what an amazing warrior he portrayed as Maximus Decimus Meridius! The late singer Selena had this combination, and she most definitely elevated her life from middle class upbringing to popularity and wealth, as well as the brilliant singer Billie Holiday.


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