Ascendant Pisces

Person with ascendant Pisces are sentient beings.
Ascendant Pisces | Photo: © Patryk Kosmider -

Person with ascendant Pisces are sentient beings. They have a fine intuition for the mental state of their fellow men. She is compassionate and she sense being connected to everything that is to be found around her.

She likes it to give assistance and listens carefully to the persons next to her regardful to their hopes and expectations. She is not good at differentiate herself to environmental influences. Daily life is not easy to handle for her: struggling and completion is not her part. If challenges are dominating her life she withdraws from the stage of daily struggling and turns her face to her ideals in an ideal and true world.

Positive characteristics:

Idealistic, faithful, veracious, altruistic, docile, gentle, advisory, consultant, devotional, sensitive.

Negative aspects:

Mysterious, interfering, adventurous, extravagant, luxurious, to take refuge in daydreams, weak-willed, self-tormenting. 

She is fond of explaining quests to find a truth with regard to the material world and general world view: religious and philosophic points of view.  She asks for more that is behind the common curtain.

She longs for sense of closeness to connect to natural facts and wants to realize closeness within relationship. She tries to fulfil with devotion her imagination of being connected close to each other. Even if sensitivity and a big heart are characteristic of ascendant Pisces – she has to learn to differentiate from others – environmental influences and she should be more self-determined and should try not to cling to some other close standing persons – this can be shown by her descendant Virgo – by his sense for reality and practises he is able to support and carry the tempered Pisces.  


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