Ascendant Taurus

Persons with ascendant Taurus stand firmly on their feet.
Ascendant Taurus | Photo: © Halfpoint -

Persons with ascendant Taurus stand firmly on their feet. They are no dreamers but realists. Their ideas are executed patiently and will be applied to reality. Just some fugitive thoughts they should become true finally. The execution of ideas shall represent a permanent value whereat quality counts more than quantity.

Changes are not desired but, however, tradition, habits and a particular status. In contrary to ascendant Aries, Taurus is not keen on adventures – maybe such changes represent suspicious and they are not welcome. She looks for stability, security and the feeling of security. These attributes are to be found by other persons that confront ascendant Taurus. She is social and loves to socialize – given by her precious skill to communicate and focus requests.

Sensual, with body consciousness and appreciative – Taurus derives her strength from inspiration by other persons - by their bodily and mental strength.

Positive characteristics:

practical, logical, objective, amiable, diligent, persistent, fun-loving, common sense, traditional, social and tough.

Negative aspects:

materialistic, obstinate, dogmatic, intemperate, coquettish, easy-going, wilfully and lazy.

Ascendant Taurus tends to be prudent – she suffers from fears for the future. She is constantly in sorrow depending on fear of loss in general. By the way she has to learn to come to know how to handle changes and experiences – to accept them in a positive way. She could become obstinate and stubborn when pressure and stress dominates her life or her way to act.

Her descendant is Scorpio - caused by her influence Taurus will finally experience passion and energy.


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