Ascendant Taurus | Photo: © kharchenkoirina -

Taurus Ascendant

Sociable people who value traditions
Ascendant Taurus | Photo: © kharchenkoirina -

Taurus Ascendant

Sociable people who value traditions

Taurus Ascendant

People with Taurus ascendant stand with their feet firmly on the ground. They are not dreamers but realists. Their ideas rarely remain but are carefully and patiently put into practice. Even fleeting thoughts should now become permanent. Quality is more important than quantity.

They attach great importance to traditions, habits, and the maintenance of the status quo. They view with suspicion those rather undesirable changes. In contrast to the Aries ascendant, the Taurus ascendant born people do not want to experience great adventures. Instead, they are looking for stability, security, and quiet. The Taurus ascendant people find all these qualities in the community with other people.

They are amiable people and love working together in a group. In doing so, they benefit from the unique ability to connect different people and to build a social network. They recognize people's skills and know-how to bundle them for current projects and concerns.

They are also sensual, body-conscious, and pleasure-oriented persons. They draw strength, especially from the physical closeness to other people.

However, Taurus ascendant people tend to fear the future. They are afraid of losing easily loved things again. Therefore, they must learn to accept changes and to see them positively. They can also be quite stubborn and sluggish when subjected to external pressure and stress.

Incidentally, their descendant is Scorpio. Through the influence of Scorpio, the person with Taurus ascendant will get the energy and passion for change.

Strengths of the Taurus ascendant

They are objective, practical, loving order, they are hardworking, persistent, cheerful, kind, fierce, level-headed, they show a great sense of community, are tradition-conscious and sociable

Weaknesses of the Taurus ascendant

They tend to be materialistic, headstrong, sluggish, dogmatic, addicted, excessive, easy-going, comfortable, they fear change and can be stubborn.

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