The Horse

The chivalrous and adventurous Horse loves its freedom
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Chinese zodiac sign Horse
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Those who were born under the sign of the Horse (午) are mentally and physically agile. Horses love to be on the move and in motion - they never miss an opportunity to go on a journey. The more adventurous, the better! Horses have lots of curiosity to explore new places and acquire new knowledge.

This convivial sign likes to party…


The Horse is very communicative and the life of the party. This sign has so much information to share and also loves to listen to others' stories. They have a great sense of humor and overall demeanor.

Because of these characteristics, the Horse  is great at making friends. They don't spend much time alone - they easily make their way into other people's hearts with their frank and friendly nature. However, sometimes this sign lacks closeness in their relationships despite their many acquaintances because they require lots of flexibility and freedom. They don't care for obligations, which sometmes makes it difficult for them to form deep friendships.

The Horse quickly loses interest.

The Horse presents as very proud and mighty. Its passionate elan can help them realize their many objectives and goals. They have so many ideas but sometimes it's just a matter of following through with them

Sometimes Horses can lose sight of the path ahead when it does too many things at once. If they overlook an important detail, this creates more obstacles in the long run. Sometimes their organization skills could be better.

10 things about the Chinese Zodiac Horse

Travel, flirtatiousness, and adventure: do not push the Horse into a serious commitment too quickly

The Horse  likes to make its own decisions and draw its own conclusions. 

And their success speaks for itself! The way they move is flexible, unconventional and intense, which makes them wild and fascinating. At the end of the day, they will always go their own way.

Flirting is one of the Horse's favorite pastimes. They love a challenge and going after what they want. On the other hand, they are not always good at keeping their promises, especially when it comes to commitments like engagement or marriage. Maintaining a relationship that requires daily attention can make them feel caged in. Serious connections only have a chance when they are given enough space.


Great match:

Dog, Tiger

Good match:

Monkey, Rabbit, Goat, Rooster, Horse

Decent match:

Snake, Pig, Dragon, Ox

Bad match:



The Five Elements of the Horse

Wood Horse

This breed prefers to feel the ground beneath their feet. Those born in wood years have lots of conviction and certainty. They gain material and non-material goods in an ethical manner - their efforts are lucrative but also sustainable. They are open-minded toward development and improvement, and they present their ideas with persuasion and assertion.


The Wood Horse is interested in new beginnings, as it is the most progressive and open-minded of the Horses. They like to start projects, generate ideas and explore possibilities. The Wood Horse  is more reasonable and wiser than the other types of Horses, as they are less emotionally impulsive. They are good team players and do not like to fight alone. However, sometimes their reactions are overly exaggerated. 

Fire Horse

Viktoria Makarova

This element is passionate, ambitious and fiercely competitive. Those born in fire years are often strong and confident, but they can also be impatient. They are able to defy the odds, but sometimes need to keep their ego in check, as their dominant personality is not always welcome. They tend to gravitate toward improvement and innovation. When it comes to career, fire-born individuals show tremendous leadership potential.

The Fire  Horse is the most ardent and passionate of the bunch. No matter what time it is, this race Horse moves quickly. They have an impulsive temperament, and they're not afraid to show it! They enjoy life to the fullest.


Earth Horse

Those born in earth years are intelligent and responsible, and can be more on the traditional side. They have lots of common sense and avoid situations that are too risky or adventurous. They are highly practical and logical.

Earth Horses  think twice before they take on new adventures – they are more decisive and organized than their horse companions. They are better at close relationships and serious commitments.

Metal Horse

Those who were born in metal years are strong, firm and principled. They stay calm and in control when others are upset, as they are able to handle challenging situations. They are obstinate and ambitious - metal personalities aren't afraid to use their imagination, but they are also very goal-oriented. 

Metal Horses are strong-minded and loyal. They have more stamina than their Horse companions, which makes them more likely to complete projects. Though they tend to be successful, they are also very obstinate. It is not always easy to lend them a helping hand or give advice. 


Water Horse

Water is adaptable to change  (unlike metal, for example, which shows more resistance). Variability, flexibility and interdependence are core qualities of this element. Water makes for an inquisitive mind that enjoys learning and mental stimulation. Those born in water years are sensitive and communicative, as they have a strong sense of intuition. They tend to have a more passive approach and can sometimes get tired easily.

The Water Horse is more flexible than its other Horse companions. They do not try to control what is happening around them. They are not as goal-oriented when it comes to carrying out plans and can get distracted easily. Though they are sometimes inconsistent, Water Horses are also open-minded and optimistic.




Hours ruled by the Horse : 11 am - 2 pm

Cardinal direction : south

Season:  summer

Month:  June

Element : Fire

Zodiac sign : Gemini

Positive traits : agile, sporty, active, communicative, humorous, sociable, cheerful, passionate, imaginative, unconventional

Negative traits : wayward, detached, impatient, skittish, untamed, hot-headed

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