The Great Chinese Horoscope for the Year of the Water Tiger

Lunar New Year 2022
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The Chinese Horoscope 2022
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On the 1st of February 2022, the beginning of a new lunar year will be celebrated with the Chinese New Year. From that day until the 21st of January 2023, we are in the Year of the Tiger. It is a Water Tiger Year, which last happened 60 years ago, in 1962.

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A Tiger year is always considered explosive and very fast-paced. It is a year of change and many a venture will take a different course than originally anticipated. In many cases, this can be very positive, but sometimes we will also experience a crash landing.


There can be upheavals that are not always pleasant. They can stir us up and cause excitement. We may well be in for a surprise!

At the same time, the Year of the Tiger brings sparkling optimism and an almost intoxicating energy that allows us to face and cope with change in a positive way. With renewed vigor, we can now tackle the realization of innovative and idiosyncratic ideas.

With all this electrifying mood of departure, one should nevertheless not let ones passions steer one too much, but rather give oneself time to reflect, especially this year, and proceed with as much cautious planning as possible. It is a time to seize opportunities, but also not to rush into anything.

In your private life, too, things can get mixed up in a Tiger year: A new relationship, wedding, separation and/or the "Great Love."

In the Year of the Tiger there is much to gain, but also much to lose.

Jahr des Tigers 2022
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The Tiger Years according to the Chinese lunar calendar:

  • 13 February 1926 to 01 February 1927 (Fire Tiger)
  • 31 January 1938 to 18 February 1939 (Earth Tiger)
  • 17 February 1950 to 05 February 1951 (Metal Tiger)
  • 05 February 1962 to 24 January 1963 (Water Tiger)
  • 23 January 1974 to 10 February 1975 (Wood Tiger)
  • 09 February 1986 to 28 January 1987 (Fire Tiger)
  • 28 January 1998 to 15 February 1999 (Earth Tiger)
  • 24 February 2010 to 02 February 2011 (Metal Tiger)
  • 01 February 2022 to 21 January 2023 (Water Tiger)



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The Chinese Lunar New Year 2022

The Rat in the Year of the Tiger

Last year, the Rats' focus was still on family life. But now they get carried away and suddenly stick their curious nose into topics related to finances. Could that be? In any case, they could become overconfident and get carried away with somewhat daring projects. Here they should perhaps ask a close confidant for advice more than less. Rats may also be looking for a change of location. Perhaps exciting business trips are in the offering, or they are drawn to new places and deeds. Rats cope well with these exciting challenges, because with their energy and intelligence, they can adapt well to these changes.

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The Buffalo in the Year of the Tiger

A stormy year for the Tiger does not suit gentle Buffalos. They think the departure announced by the Tiger is quite unnecessary. Everything is fine as it is!

But the Tiger Year will certainly have an invigorating effect on them too, and motivate them to new deeds. It can't hurt to leave your comfort zone and try something new. Unfortunately, however, some obstacles await them, and they, like everyone else, must be warned in taking too great risks. Their successes will be limited this year, but Buffalos can be satisfied with themselves at the end of the year.


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Year of the Tiger 2022
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The Tiger in the Year of the Tiger

Of course, a Year of the Tiger is also completely to the Tiger's taste. One might think that it would then also be THE year for the Tiger. But unfortunately, it is not. Although Tigers are bursting with energy and drive, they tend to exaggerate and take great risks. True to the motto "nothing ventured, nothing gained," Tigers throw themselves into new projects, jobs, affairs and relationships. But it would be advisable, especially now, to proceed more carefully and to take time to reflect on what is happening and to think actions through carefully. If Tigers take this to heart, the year can actually be very beautiful and fruitful, otherwise it will be a year full of ups and downs.

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The Rabbit in the Year of the Tiger

The Rabbit actually feels like the sign Buffalo; it wonders what all the fuss is about. But in contrast to last year, when Rabbits had to cope with the demands of the Buffalo, they will enter the New Year in a very confident mood. The wave of enthusiasm and drive of the Tiger does not leave them cold either, and they get carried away with actions that they wouldn't usually do. First and foremost, this is positive, and if Rabbits avoid conflict as much as possible, they will be able to look back on some successes at the end of the year, and live out the upheavals of the Tiger year in their favor.


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The Dragon in the Year of the Tiger

Dragons will quickly get carried away by the positive Tiger energy, and welcome the possible coming changes more than they fear them. And that's just as well, and they should! Because change can be very profitable and lucky for Dragons. And if it doesn't look like it at first, take heart! A Year of the Tiger is not generally considered easy and carefree for Dragons, but they bring many qualities that equip them well for all challenges.

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The Year of the Tiger
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The Snake in the Year of the Tiger

Snakes are well prepared for a Year of the Tiger; their excellent powers of observation will be very useful to them now. This way, they won't lose their perspective, because of all the enthusiasm and activity in the fast-paced Year of the Tiger. Of course, they can also be drawn into conflicts more quickly than usual, but they are better protected against this than other signs. The Tiger can awaken their ambition, so it can be an exciting year, especially professionally.


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The Horse in the Year of the Tiger

It is well known that the Tiger and the Horse get along splendidly! So, it stands to reason that Horses will also get their money's worth in a Year of the Tiger. Especially as far as the physical condition is concerned, they should be doing very well this year. Horse-born people feel a new energy and strength within themselves and can build up and expand their physical fitness. The pace that the Tiger sets is quite to their liking. Horses love it when there is a lot going on around them and life is in motion. However, they should not get carried away with very daring undertakings, because otherwise there is a risk of noticeable financial losses. In the professional sphere, there may be changes and progress, and in love, things will be passionate. Horses are simply among the winners of the New Lunar Year!

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The Sheep in the Year of the Tiger

Subtle Sheep are a bit irritated by the fast-paced Year of the Tiger. They are also skeptical about the changes this year will bring. But precisely with their wait-and-see and relaxed attitude, they will cope quite well with the coming challenges, and recognize when a good opportunity presents itself and then seize it. In working life, Sheep may be asked to do a lot, but they keep up with the new pace very well and can push new projects forward. New people may come into their life who, in retrospect, will make 2022 a success, professionally or personally.


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The Monkey in the Year of the Tiger

It may be hard to hear this, but it is unfortunately the case: Monkeys have the most to struggle with in a Tiger Year. The best way for them to get through this challenging year is to postpone new projects and plans. If this is not possible, Monkeys should at least proceed with particular caution and think carefully about their next steps. It is certainly helpful to seek advice from close friends or other trusted people before making decisions. In any case, the good news is that if Monkeys can muster the necessary patience, they will be rewarded from October onwards. From then on, things will be more relaxed.

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The Year of the Tiger 2022
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The Rooster in the Year of the Tiger

There can also be great changes for Roosters in a Year of the Tiger. The signs point to fertility. This can mean that there will be financial or even family growth. It could very well be that Roosters will take off professionally and climb the career ladder. In any case, it will be a turbulent year for the rather cool and cautious Roosters to get used to.


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The Dog in the Year of the Tiger

The Dog and the Tiger is actually a dream combination. They get along very well, and so it stands to reason that Dogs will get along very well this year. And indeed, happiness is waiting for them in their private lives! Singles could meet a very special person this year and wedding bells could ring for them. Anyway, a lot of good things are happening in the their relationships this year. Sometimes, this can also become too much for Dogs, in which case, it is important that they recognize the signs of excessive demands on themselves, and provide the necessary distance and balance.

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The Pig in the Year of the Tiger

The Pig is also one of the signs that copes well with the challenges of a Tiger year. Under the influence of the Tiger, they start the new year very peppy and full of positive energy. If there are surprising turns in their plans, they do not let them throw them off track. They always find a new way, and surprise their social environment with their newly won flexibility. But, Pigs should not get too carried away by the charged atmosphere. If they can also muster the necessary patience now and then, they can come a little closer to realizing their dreams in 2022!

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Famous Water Tigers

Happy 60th birthday: German folk singer Max Raabe, American actress Jodie Foster, American singer, actor, and entrepreneur Jon Bon Jovi, English lead singer of Depeche Mode Dave Gahan, German-British singer and actor Campino, American actor Wesley Snipes, American film director David Fincher, German-Austrian politician, TV-chef and entrepreneur Sarah Wiener, and more...




Lunar New Year

The Chinese New Year begins with the New Moon. In 2022, the New Moon is on Tuesday, 1 February. The Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year extensively, and it is tradition to wear something red, as this is supposed to bring luck in the new year. All people born during this Lunar New Year are Water Tigers.

Every 12 years, the Year of the Tiger takes place, the last time was in 1986, 1998, and 2010.

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