A magical full moon night on November 30th

A full Moon in Gemini

A magical Full Moon night before Christmas
A magical full moon night on November 30th

A full Moon in Gemini

A magical Full Moon night before Christmas


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A full Moon in Gemini

We expect a full moon position from the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini.

At a Full Moon position, the Sun and the Moon are always opposite each other. On November, 30th 2020 the Full Moon position with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini is accurate to the degree, and it will last for two hours. As far as the emotional area is concerned, this juxtaposition of the male and female principles will often make us unbalanced, we will be subject to mood swings, and many of us will be irritated or moody. Only very few people who have learned to control their emotions to a large extent can escape those influences.

Use the energy of the Moon for a new beginning

On the other hand, a full Moon position always offers a chance for a fresh start. Such a Full Moon spectacle is always associated with lots of energy coming from the stars and affecting all of us humans. We should gratefully accept those gifts of power and try to use them purposefully.

What do the stars suggest to us in this regard? The astrological principles are relatively simple to understand, but the ability to combine requires much talent, empathy, and intuition. Still, any interested person can become his or her own best adviser once they understand and accept those principles.

The Moon in Gemini mainly points to the communicative area and includes not only the classic professional field or dealing with family members and other fellow human beings, but also all actions that seem to be attuned to one's self. For example, it may mean that you finally start doing regular exercise every day, either through a sport or "just" walking. The argument "I got no time" should be eventually deleted from the repertoire, since if a disease appears, one will be "forced" to stop and spend much more time to recover health than in a "voluntary" decision. And training has been proved to promote muscle growth, the cardiovascular system, and increase overall strength - and prevent disease.

The meaning of the Sun in Sagittarius

As for the Sun in Sagittarius, it points out that now we should oppose the dying nature outside, which we often find depressing, to a spiritual light that should affect us - in the form of higher education. Autumn and winter are just the right time to attend seminars. This is indicated by the Sun that stands in Sagittarius, which means that the Zodiac sign Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet responsible for all high ideals.

Communication and high ideals, that's the mix, that's the message from which we should seek the combinations and draw our conclusions — a message sent by the full Moon on Wednesday just before midnight. But if you are already asleep - no excuse - you have already had time during the day to think about your new beginning, and with the implementation of your idea, you can get started in the next few days. And you will undoubtedly come up with your fresh start - if you want it, of course -, which is tailor-made for you, and only you can come up with.

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