Solar eclipse

Spiritual thoughts on the solar eclipse by Kurt Franz
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Solar eclipse
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For decades, astronomers have calculated the moon phases over the earth's surfaces, tracing just how its orbit will affect our day through lunations and the rise and set of each planet through the sky. They are keenly aware that cycles are a huge part of studying the stars and have unmasked a large amount of information just in the 21st century alone. For example, in this century (Jul 22, 2009), we had the longest solar eclipse in history, lasting 6 minutes and 39 seconds. Visible in regions of East Asia, the Pacific region, and Hawaii. There have been 224 solar eclipses in the last 100 years, roughly around 2.24 eclipses per year occurring worldwide.

Different Ideas & Perceptions


In the past, auspicious celestial events such as solar or lunar eclipses have triggered long-ingrained fear and terror, creating lofty responses and dooming sentiments. For example, if the sun were to disappear forever, life suddenly comes to an end, a theory that has always been clear and understandable to all people. However, those untrained could not predict whether the solar eclipse would be a long or short event, or perhaps the final one. Moreover, only a few people knew about the connections, so-called initiates, who had no genuine contact with the people and left them uninformed about processing what they saw. Thanks to Astronomers and Astrologers, the advantage of knowing about the connections between lunar and solar eclipses has improved tremendously.



Errors In Judgment

The downside of Astronomers and Astrologers not being united because it degrades the true essence of what it's like to experience these planets on a large scale. It's not just the material sense of what a planet gives the world, but the spiritual connections that lie behind them and the psychological lessons they offer. Ancient reminders are displayed as petroglyphs on caves and the sides of canyons worldwide, showing worship, suspicion, and movement of the planets-- they too knew something big was happening. When Astronomers keep a one-sided view about different analyses' when studying trends over time, they miss the mark stating these connections are not genuine or link it to "merely adoration," and it's inaccurate. This thinking separates us from the planetary and celestial experiences that are dismissed as insignificant events.


Have you ever considered our thoughts to be spiritual entities? They are not anything we can put words to for some, yet they are very present and exist tangibly. They can perpetuate our mental tapes that don't go away but only get stronger and more malice depending on the energy behind them-- a good argument on why negative thoughts should be avoided as much as possible. Thoughts become things, and heaps of trouble can come around when a person remains in a negative state, so take the reins if you catch yourself disconnected and going down that path.




Counteracting Negativity

Once negative thoughts start to reshape the mind, there is still a way to neutralize them by making negativity ineffective. An example could be understanding that the gentleman that gave you a rude comment might be experiencing an exaggerated feeling of anger because he's not sure where he will sleep tonight. Having positive compassion for an unknown situation removes a negative response from being disastrous to an opportunity for forgiveness as long as safety is maintained. Maybe you've experienced a close friend as a generally nice person, and over the weeks, through increasingly challenging times, they end up losing their ability to see outside their experience.


Dead matter and living spirit

Admittedly, the material alone is more than awe-inspiring in its fascinating manifestations and in the dimensions of the universe that are inconceivable to us. Of course, one can become God-fearing in the process, but that still does not change the fact that the visible celestial world is only matter and is dead like all matter and therefore actually only the corpse of the heavenly bodies, nothing else. The Divine-Spiritual, which lies behind it and from which everything emerges, cannot, of course, be grasped with material instruments or with our five senses, but only with spiritual methods.

For this, it is necessary that through concentration and contemplation exercises, "spiritual eyes" and "spiritual ears" are trained in our soul. With these spiritual senses, human beings can then perceive the outer worlds. In principle, every human being can do this, but only the very few have the discipline to get there. However, the greatest doubters and deniers could then, if they applied these methods, experience the spiritual world for themselves as a fact.

Preschool Of Knowledge


Although Astronomers may likely dismiss the work of Astrologers as superstition, they should not ignore our analysis completely. At one time, before science became a mainstay, Astronomers too needed to prove themselves and the validity of their claims- just as Astrologers have been doing for centuries. The difference between us is we attribute different meanings and effects behind the stars and whether it's just dead matter or not. Astrologers tend to be more accessible and open-minded towards views and ways of thinking by making sure not to take themselves so seriously-- carefully observing the past and present by verifying its truth. The Astronomy of today's preschool and kindergarten needs an upgrade of times to reveal new patterns and uncover fascinating and vital observations. A tip is to visit new ways to search for the answers to life's most pressing questions by studying Anthroposophy which contains tens of thousands of pages uncovering interests from people all over the world.

Astrologers become allies for a collective understanding that there are many ways to read how the planets affect our personal and collective experiences. An inability to evolve with knowledge means we will all continue to be separate and divided in areas of life outside of these topics discussed. Both Astrologers and Astronomers must keep an open mind as information evolves in both areas of study. Verifying astrology's truths can only be done through recalling experiences and seeing how your reactions make you feel, which is why taking notes or journaling not only keeps a memory but a log of events that can verify your life.  




The Effect Of The Stars

Life is heavily influenced by the stars, although it's disputed by many. In many traditions, life comes from the sun. The sun is beyond any human imagination of what the spirit can achieve through sunlight. The entire human genome and genetic material are contained in every bodily cell. Billions of microscopic information ties that cannot be seen with the naked eye comprise every part of who you are. A billion is an enormous number. To count to a billion, you need 80 years, if you count day and night, that is, constantly for 24 hours, and you say a number every second. (And now think of our national debt and how carelessly it's handled!)


The Effectiveness Of Spiritual Entities

So from a single microscopic human cell, invisible to the unaided eye, the spiritual entities in the sun help a human being grow. To put it briefly, one could say that God can do this as a supreme being. But God has many people working for the cause, and the same case can be made for even larger organizations and other streams of thought. These spiritual helpers to God are the spiritual entities present in the planets and heavenly bodies- active in particular parts of our lives. For example, the spiritual entities in Venus take care of love and compassion for one another. The spiritual entities in Mercury stand for our intellectual activity, and the spiritual entities in Mars for our work energy, drive, and desire-- the angular position can show a positive or negative result.




Improving The World

Having said this, it is also clear that solar eclipses have and have always had an effect on us living celestial beings. From this point of view, patterns will always repeat, and we can believe that spiritual entities are constantly influencing our life. How planetary will intensify these influences during a solar eclipse is, of course, becoming the main subject of many speculations. But it is also certain that there are only two categories, namely the negative or the positive. Some tend towards the negative, offering a bit of scarcity in people's minds, and others towards the positive that give hope and inspiration. In my opinion, the key lies within us, as already explained with the thoughts within us. With negativity expressed prominently in people, the influences will be harmful, and the results will also be positive with very positive people. Incidentally, we have the opportunity to improve ourselves every day, and if many do, it will bring about the improvement of the world.

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