The Moon in Aquarius

A Moon in Aquarius is friendly, interdependent, and freedom-loving.
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Moon sign Aquarius
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Unique Aquarius Moon

When your Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, there is a need to have personal space to feel comfortable and safe in the world. There is an intense need to live a life with a heightened sense of autonomy but having the choice to be around people when the time feels right-- coming together when you have something uplifting to contribute. Ideally, this is a freedom-loving personality, but this is not absolute.


A Moon in Aquarius can develop philanthropists who get on well with almost everyone. The logical side can mean you are friendly and like to help; however, you are not exactly open with your internal feelings. Born a natural skeptic, you can see the flaws in things viewing life rather critically to improve how things function.

There may be a propensity to feel a little strange and alone despite your connection with fellow human beings. Because of your objective point of view about the world, there is an ability to perceive your won differences, making you feel "other.”.

Even in love, those born under the Aquarian Moon don't show their feelings readily. So while a partnership is vital, and you do like to flirt, relationships, romance, and passion are not the most important, but rather a genuine soul connection is a closer definition of your love.

With a Moon in the sign of Aquarius, you generally choose your family, expanding past the familial limitations, adopting people that fit your ideals and make you feel comfortable—often resulting in a creative and loving hodgepodge of a family.

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