Moon sign Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius

To feel good, people with the Aquarius Moon sign need their freedom
Moon sign Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius

To feel good, people with the Aquarius Moon sign need their freedom

The Moon in Aquarius

♒ People with the Moon sign Aquarius need their personal space to feel comfortable. They want to live out their individuality. But they also like to have people around them. Ideally, these are similarly freedom-loving personalities, but this is not a must.

Aquarius people are philanthropists who get on well with everyone; they are friendly to everyone and like to help. However, they are not exactly open about their feelings, which they view rather critically. Sometimes they feel a little strange and alone despite their connection with fellow human beings. They perceive their difference.

Even in love, those born under the Moon sign Aquarius don't show their feelings exuberantly. A partnership is vital to them, and they like to flirt with the opposite sex, but in their relationships, romance and passion are not the most important, but rather a true love.

People with the Moon sign Aquarius are not family people since they always feel a great urge for freedom. But if their way of life is tolerated and respected, they can become part of a happy family.

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