The Moon in Taurus

People With the Moon Sign in Taurus Are Hospitable and Love Sensual Delights Such As Good Food and Pleasing Aesthetics
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Moon sign Taurus
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Sensual Moon in Taurus

Having a steady emotional state is also delightful for your fellow human beings you come in contact with and often leaving a lasting effect-- you are a safe shoulder one can lean on. Only sometimes, people born under a Taurus Moon can be very stubborn and try to get ahead at the expense of others. Corroborating with people you trust to be around will be keen on helping you get to your goal, and you’ll always realize in the end, it takes more than just your vision to get to the dream.


Feeling most comfortable involves an inner life built on stable and secure foundations. This foundation balances material supplies, financial resources, and a consistent circle of loyal friends. These people are natural-born foodies! A Taurus Moon gives you a hospitable demeanor, a love for sensual environments, slow cooking, and sharing in communion. You care for your guests just as lovingly as you do a family or partner.

Naturally born to work hard, you find stability in the practice of building and staying on top of your resources, possibly something you’ve seen from the women in your environment growing up. Therefore, a positive outlook towards close and trustworthy connections is a massive deal to you, Taurus Moon.

The sign of Taurus is naturally ruled by the planet Venus, making it a very sensual and feminine sign. This Venusian influence is intense because authentic love, genuine connection, and soul-mate energy with your partner are what you were born to feel. They love children and family life, giving everything they’ve got to support them. They do a lot for their partners and want nothing more than to live out their sensual, romantic, and physical side with them in a stable, abundant, and beautiful home.

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The Moon plays an essential role in a person’s birth chart. Knowing the particular Zodiac sign, your Moon falls under is key to understanding this aspect of who you are. Knowing the exact time of birth is crucial for proper calculation as the Moon changes signs around every 2.5 days. The Moon naturally rules the Zodiac sign of Cancer, a water element that connects us to our sense of who we are.