Moon sign Taurus

The Moon in Taurus

People with the Moon sign in Taurus are hospitable and love sensual delights such as good food and drink
Moon sign Taurus

The Moon in Taurus

People with the Moon sign in Taurus are hospitable and love sensual delights such as good food and drink

The Moon in Taurus

The Moon sign Taurus primarily stands for calm,  balanced, and level-headed people. They think more practically and are more oriented to reason than to their feelings. Their steady emotional state is also delightful for their fellow human beings. Only sometimes people born under the Moon sign Taurus can be very stubborn and try to get their stubborn head at the expense of others.

They feel most comfortable when their life is on a stable and secure foundation. On the one hand, this should consist of a suitable material basis, but on the other hand, it should consist of a constant circle of loyal friends. People born under the Moon sign Taurus are hospitable, love sensual delights such as good food and drink, and care for their guests just as lovingly as for their family and partner.

The Zodiac sign Taurus is dominated by the planet Venus and is, therefore, a very feminine sign. This fact is particularly evident if Moon sign Taurus people show their love primarily by caring for their loved ones. They love children and family life. They do a lot for their partners and wish to live out their sensual, romantic, and physical side with them.

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