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Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising – A Wise Sage

A Wise Sage
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Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising
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Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising – A Wise Sage

This individual is blessed with the double protection of the benevolent planet Jupiter, so they will be inspiring, wise, empathic and optimistic. They will likely find they are on a quest to seek the meaning of life, and they will exert a warm, calming energy that effortlessly draws others in.


In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is represented by the centaur Chiron, who sacrificed his own mortality to take the place of troubled Prometheus in the underworld. The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, also known as Zeus, ruler of the gods and the biggest planet of all.

Pisces is associated by Aphrodite and Eros who were confronted by a giant serpent, Typhon, while they were out walking by the river. They managed to escape with the help of Zeus, who turned them into fish, enabling them to jump into the river and swim away to safety. Pisces is also traditionally ruled by Jupiter, and also Neptune in modern astrology.

Sagittarius is a masculine, Mutable, and flexible Fire sign and Pisces is a feminine, Mutable and adaptable Water sign. The energies combine well, and the influence of Sagittarius will give the Pisces rising an extra shot of confidence, morality and optimism they often need to make their mark. However, this person will have issues with setting and crossing boundaries.

How to Recognize Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising


Sagittarians are often lean and sporty in physique, with large bones, long shapely legs and an oval shaped face with high cheekbones and forehead. They have youthful, jolly faces and bright eyes.

Pisces usually also have an oval face, with soft features and expressive, dreamy, almond-shaped eyes. They might have sensual lips and soft hair or dimples, and a cheeky smile. They might even sport a scar or two which they have picked up from the school of hard knocks, which somehow makes them more attractive and rugged.

They will be irresistibly attractive without trying to be, and their dress style is relaxed, slightly bohemian, and effortless, yet still chic.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising Career

With their Piscean idealism and Sagittarian vision, this person will be capable of amazing insight, creativity and intellect as well as being deeply compassionate, intuitive and open minded.

The 6th house of a Pisces Rising is Leo, so they may enjoy an active, flamboyant lifestyle, perhaps in the public eye or working in a fun environment with children or in showbiz. With Sagittarius at their Midheaven, they can strongly utilize this dynamic energy to direct their career forward. It is usually important for Pisces natives to find a career direction or life path that lights their soul as well as making them money, so finding work that is meaningful may be a consideration. They might enjoy travel, tourism, support work with the vulnerable, writing, law, acting or even hairdressing, beauty or fashion.


This person may gravitate towards working as a professor in a university or in mass media where they connect with as many people internationally as possible. They may also work with wildlife in big nature conservation organizations.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising Health

The health zone for a Pisces ascendant is Leo, so this person might enjoy active sports they can do in a fun setting, such as a local gym, where they can dress up in the latest activewear and look the part as they stroll confidently in. They will enjoy using weights to boost their stamina and might spend a lot of effort getting the body and physique they desire. Aerobics, and getting the heart rate up will be important.

As Sagittarius rules the upper legs, hips and thighs, they will likely find walking to be both a good form of exercise and they might also enjoy dance, acting or theatre and recreational activities that allow them to shine and lead. Pisces rules the feet so foot care is important. They need to warm up their feet and ankles always before exercising.


They should drink plenty of water throughout the day and should definitely avoid excess alcohol.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising Love

The opposing sign of a Pisces is Virgo , so this person will appreciate a practical lover that is responsible and helps them organize their life a little, although Virgo might be too picky and critical sometimes.

Perhaps a Cancer will work better, as they will have a fun bond and understanding of each other. Aries might work, and Taurus will help ground them a little and think differently. Leo and Sagittarius will make good business partners, and Capricorn will be good as mates.

Aquarius is a bit detached for romance to flourish, and Scorpio might work if they go on adventures together. Libra can work, and Gemini will be the perfect companion to settle down with for many intellectual debates and fun times ahead.

How Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Pisces rising, these people will like their mornings to be spiritual and relaxed, so they may wish to begin praying or meditating soon after waking, or perhaps they will jot their dreams down in their dream journal over herbal tea. A gratitude prayer always makes them feel better.


They have plenty of energy and benefit from swimming a few lengths in the morning if possible, or taking a long bath or shower to cleanse their energy and body. After this, they should head to the kitchen for some soul food for breakfast, perhaps salmon and poached eggs.

Sagittarius is active and spontaneous, so they will allow some time to catch up with friends, or to check their social media accounts before getting ready for work. They may even do a little dance to some music to raise their vibration. Spending time with pets before the day starts makes them happy.

Famous Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising People

Individuals who make very good use of this cosmic combination include Billie Eilish, who is an amazing American singer and songwriter, and the late Carl Wilson, the successful American singer, guitarist and co-founder of the rock band ‘The Beach Boys’.
There’s also the late Pablo Escobar, the infamous Colombian drug dealer who was listed as the 7th richest man in the world by Forbes in 1989. There is also the late colorful American actor, comedian and writer, Richard Pryor.  


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