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Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising – Deeply Driven

Deeply Driven
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Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising
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Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising – Deeply Driven

Sagittarius and Scorpio are both go-getting and dynamic signs, so this person will be passionate, bold and deeply driven.

In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is said to be represented by the centaur Chiron, who gave up his own mortality to take the place of troubled Prometheus in the Underworld. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is also known as Zeus, the greatest god of all. 


Scorpio is represented by the humongous scorpion, which was sent by Gaia to bravely slay the giant Orion. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, known as Ares, the god of war in Greek mythology.

Scorpio is a feminine, Fixed, Water sign, while Sagittarius is a masculine, Mutable, Fire sign.

How to Recognize Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising

Sagittarians are usually happy-go-lucky people with luck on their side and a smile on their face. However, having a Scorpio Ascendant makes them more serious in attitude. They are strong, athletic and well-built, with broad hips, long legs and bright, almond-shaped eyes. They are quite bohemian, with a unique style that makes them stand out.

Scorpio often has a darker kind of appearance, with dark hair or eye color. They may dress in dark, muted colors, maroon, blues, or black, and they usually favor timeless, classic looks. They are sturdy in stature.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Career

The 6th house of Scorpio Rising is Aries, so this person will be a natural leader and go-getter. They will have bundles of energy at their disposal and will have an active, assertive attitude. They might enjoy careers that allow them the freedom to move, travel and rise the ranks to success. They may enter the military or enjoy a career in sports.


The 10th house of Scorpio Rising is Leo, so a career in entertainment, acting, or the creative industries may appeal. This person will have a love of investigation, knowledge, and research and they will be wise and pragmatic. They may enjoy detective work, psychology, and academia. This person has a wide range of career paths open to them.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising Health

The 6th house of Scorpio Rising is Aries, so this person will enjoy an active and busy lifestyle, and probably loves being outdoors, sports and high-energy workouts. Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs and legs so regular exercise that focuses on these areas will be beneficial.

Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, hips, and genitals, so exercise regimes like belly dancing, which focuses on the pelvic area, will be helpful for good health. They should avoid excess alcohol and toxins and take good care of their liver. They also need to be careful when getting intimate, as they may attract STDs.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising Love


In love, this person will desire a deep, sensual and exciting lover. Scorpios are intense and private. Sagittarians are more laid back and independent, so this individual may fluctuate between wanting space and wanting to merge deeply with another.

Taurus rules their 7th house of love and commitment, so they may have fairly rigid ideas about what they want in a partner. They will be quite solid and dependable in love and will enjoy relationships that are sensual and nurturing. Taureans will make stable partners, but they might be a tad too rigid for this adventurous spirit, so perhaps a fellow Sag will work better!

Pisces will be an excellent match too, as the sign ruling their 5th house, and they will have lots of fun together. Aries and Leo will work best as business partners, and Virgo might only want to be friends. Capricorn or Scorpio will be easy to get along with, and they might want to build a future with Aquarians (provided the Aquarian has certain planetary bodies in Water or Earth signs). There may be many disagreements with Gemini, and Cancerians or Librans might help them expand their mind.

How Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising Should Start the Day


Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Scorpio Rising, this person will wake up needing to center themselves. They will enjoy making love to their partner should they have one.

Starting the day by going for a run or brisk walk, will get their endorphins pumping. They will probably want to catch up on a few favorite podcasts as they run, as they love taking in new information.

After their run, they should take ten minutes to pray or meditate, offering a gratitude prayer, as Scorpio and Sagittarius are both deeply spiritual signs. It will be essential for them to raise their vibration for the day ahead, so they know they will be able to power through challenges. After this, it’s time for a healthy breakfast and some coffee, before they jump in the shower to get ready.

Famous Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising People

Famous people who rocked this awesome combination include talented multiple-Grammy-Award winning American singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift, and the late, world-famous German composer and pianist, Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Keith Richards also has this combination; he is a successful English singer and songwriter who co-founded the band “The Rolling Stones,” and there is also the late, notable, and world-renowned Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace.



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