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Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising – Precise Eagle-Eyed Vision

Precise Eagle-Eyed Vision
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Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising
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Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising – Precise Eagle-Eyed Vision

In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is said to be represented by the brave centaur Chiron, who selflessly gave up his mortality to take the place of Prometheus in the Underworld. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, known as Zeus in Greek mythology, the greatest god of all.


The constellation of Virgo is the largest in the sky and is associated with harvest and the changing of the seasons. The goddess Astraea, daughter of Zeus, is associated with purity, and innocence and her rejection of the earth after the Golden Age, marked the end of paradise on earth. Virgo is also represented by the goddess Persephone, who was abducted by Hades and taken to the underworld for six months each year.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, also known as Hermes in Greek mythology, the messenger god who could travel among the gods, mortals and the underworld.

Sagittarius is a passionate, action-orientated masculine Fire sign, and Virgo is a steadier, reliable, and practical feminine Earth sign. They are both Mutable signs, so this person will be versatile, adaptable, and open-minded. Sagittarius takes a long-range view, and Virgo focuses on details. This gives us a person with the extraordinary gift of precise eagle-eyed vision.

How to Recognize Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising

A Sagittarius Sun Virgo Ascendant is usually very neat in appearance and can be very beautiful with a small, pear-shaped build.


They are usually modest in their style and dress, with more delicate features. Sagittarius tends to be more flamboyant, so this person might be quite reserved and modest in appearance, with the odd striking accessory added for interest, such as a colorful scarf or a hat. They will mix earth and fire colors when dressing.

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising Career

The sign ruling everyday work for Virgo, in the 6th house, is Aquarius, so these individuals may enjoy working in the hi-tech world, and humanitarian work. They may work in a start-up dealing with travel or with large groups of young adults in university teaching socialism.

Their career zone, their 10th house ruler is lively Gemini, so they might enjoy writing, acting, publishing, marketing, or social media work. They might also enjoy careers working with information, analysis, or research. They will enjoy helping others and may have an “all or nothing” attitude to success. They may be idealists, and visionaries and are able to uphold integrity.


There is a great chance that they work with animals either in the wild, possibly with horses or wildlife animals, or with domestic animals, helping them heal.

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising Health

The 6th house of Virgo is Aquarius, which rules the calves, ankles, shins, and circulation, so these natives should exercise their lower legs and watch for problems with their Achilles heels. They will likely have long, shapely legs and may enjoy running, cycling, or dancing.

Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs, and liver, so it might be beneficial to drink hot water with lemon each morning to flush out toxins, and they should avoid excessive alcohol intake. They may also suffer from indigestion due to their Virgo Rising influence.

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising Love

Sagittarius rules their 4th house of home, so this person probably has a deep love of home and family, but may not always be there, as they may be out adventuring somewhere. Their 7th ruler is Pisces, whom they may find sparks with, but as opposites, may find them a bit dreamy and inconsistent.


Their 5th house of fun and lovers is Capricorn, so this person may be fairly reserved in love, and they may get along well with Capricorns, Virgos, and Scorpios.

Cancer will work best as friends, and Leos and Librans will work well in business. There will be a lot of chemistry with Geminis! They will feel at home with fellow Sagittarians and may find Aquarians too detached. Aries will deliver deep intimacy and a strong bond, and Taurus will find peace with Virgo Rising.

How Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Virgo rising, this person likes to focus immediately on their healthy habits and routine, like spending an hour with their personal fitness trainer or getting in a few lengths at the pool. They should first wake up slowly with a gratitude prayer or meditation.

They should opt for a healthy breakfast and prepare a healthy lunch to take to work. They should spend some extra time planning for the day ahead and making sure everything is organized for later, before taking a long, hot shower and getting ready for work.


Sagittarius is more upbeat and frivolous, so they may blast upbeat music through their AirPods, and squeeze in a quick five minutes to browse online for their next holiday.

Famous Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising People

People who utilize this visionary energy in their lives include American rapper, music producer, songwriter and business mogul Jay-Z (married to Virgo Beyoncé), the famous American screenwriter, actor and comedian, Woody Allen, and also the late world-famous American animator, film producer, and entrepreneur Walt Disney. In history, we have the English novelist, Jane Austen, and the English politician, Winston Churchill.


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