Children's Horoscope: The Aries Child

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The Aries Child
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Aries children love activity! On the playground, the little whirlwinds can let off steam.

If we are dealing with an Aries  child, we will undoubtedly be more challenged than with other zodiac sign children. Since Aries-born little ones like fighting and competition early on, and like to measure their strength with their parents,   they can react to rules quite defiantly. They are happy to square-off with their parents and resist regulation. Patience, perseverance, and inner peace are necessary for Aries' parents to deal with such handfuls.  Though, even little Aries has to learn to respect boundaries.


At school, they are particularly excited when exercise comes into play  whether it be physical training, class  trips , or computational  games . Whenever it comes to speed  or a small competition , the Aries child is on fire! Their minds can often work faster than the other children's and one success just isn't enough; they need it again and again. Learning and education work best with them on a success and praise level. They always want to try everything quickly and are considered true autodidacts.  It is not surprising if they try to teach themselves to play an instrument and often go about teaching themselves unconventionally. When the passion to pursue grabs them, they almost always succeed.

However, quiet tasks and spending ample time sitting, is challenging for Aries . Even when it comes to detailed work, they get bored quite quickly. They are more interested in significant tasks that bring about a challenge. Aries children are lively  and can quickly get excited about something, and just as quickly take action. If you aren't careful, they will already be in the next room, drawing on the wall with their pencils! It's not uncommon that their work remains an unfinished masterpiece since the next idea already has them running off to the next best thing. 

As for books, they especially prefer fairy  tale books, knights in shining armor, and hero stories . This ignites adventurous dreams and helps them recover from the excitement of the day.

The Aries child wishes for a strong father who knows how to assert himself.  He keeps calm even when faced with confrontation and can manage his temper, never allowing it to get the best of him. 


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