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Aries Sun Gemini Rising

A Leader Who Outsmarts Their Competitors and With Mental Versatality
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Aries Sun Gemini Rising
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This is a delightful combination of two masculine signs, one Mutable (Gemini) and one Cardinal (Aries), supporting each other as Air and Fire. To go deeper, we look at the Greek mythology behind these two signs. Ares and Hermes (Mercury – Gemini) were brothers and they had an incredible connection. Hermes took the souls of the dead from the battleground where Ares fought and led them down into the underworld, where Hades (Pluto-Scorpio), their uncle, resided. There is an excellent symbiosis between Gemini and Aries, and they get along well.

They are both fast signs, meaning they like to do things and get them over and done with, making them incredibly fast-moving. Aries get angry impulsively and then forget about it, and Geminis don’t let things burden them - another possibility is if they have Mercury and Venus in Cancer.


They differ dramatically because Gemini is all about the mind, and Aries (although it rules the head) is more about the body and physical matter. So they naturally form a ⚹extile to one another (60 degrees apart), which is always excellent relationship energy.

An Aries with a Gemini Ascendant can apply thoughts and intellect to physical matter in a way that other Aries rising sign combinations can’t. However, with all this mercurial energy, they tend to worry and have high stress levels. They are highly self-conscious about their physical appearance, always wanting to look fit, strong, and lean with muscle mass – they prefer not to be too bulky in appearance.

How to Recognize an Aries Sun Gemini Rising 

They will often have beautiful hands (Gemini rules the hands) and can be quite beautiful with solid shoulders, long arms, legs, and torsos.

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They also move very quickly and are never still for too long because they have far too much to do. They'll dress in the highest fashion trends- looking great wherever they go! Because they are a Mutable sign, they will often change their appearance and swap their personalities for something opposite, as Gemini rules the archetype of "The Twins."


You'll know this Aries has a Gemini rising by how much they talk and how they constantly text or talk on the phone. They need other people, thrive on communication, and connection. They often have many friends although many of these friendships are acquaintances or of a superficial type. However, they only have a few very close friends with whom they share their most inner thoughts.

Aries Sun Gemini Rising Career

Aries Sun Gemini Rising people need to be in a career where they affect the masses and touch many people at once, as is shown with Pisces ruling the Midheaven. They will be great at leading sales, marketing teams, and doing PR work for people and companies. With Scorpio ruling the 6th House of work, they will be extremely determined, focused, and even obsessed about their everyday work. This character may certainly reach the height of their career in the media, so everyone knows about them. They may become famous artists, dabble with Tarot cards, magic, Astrology, world-renowned writers, or even operate on animals.

Aries Sun Gemini Rising Health


Regarding health and the 8th House ruling it, there will be a lot of frustration if this person doesn’t get physical between the sheets. There needs to be a release of pleasure to balance their energies. It will be essential for the female with this combination to check up on their gynecological health every year and for the men to check their prostate and make sure they are healthy.

Aries Sun Gemini Rising Love

Sagittarius rules the 8th House of love, relationships, and marriage, making a fantastic match for this person when it comes to love. Sagittarius will open this Aries person up to new adventures and bring so much fun to their lives. Other great matches are Leo, other Aries, Geminis, Aquarians, and Librans. Taurus, Pisces, Cancer, will make for good friends and possibly the sign of Virgo.

How Aries Sun Gemini Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day. Hence, a Gemini rising is a person who needs mental stimulation immediately by reading a few pages of their favorite book and seeing what’s going on in the world through social media. After they get their cup of coffee- it's go-go-go!! It’s good for them to hit the gym, circuit train, or possibly do a fast aerobics class before carrying on with their day. Geminis love their cars, so a great commute to work in their small, speedy (and possibly red) car should be a ride where positive affirmations and good upbeat music is played on the radio!

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Famous Aries Sun Gemini Rising People

Lady Gaga is a very famous Aries with this combination who can act, sing, and dance- continually changing her appearance. Actresses Kristen Stewart (of Twilight fame) , Sarah Jessica Parker, Kung Fu master, and actor Jackie Chan, and the late ever-so-charming classic actor Gregory Peck.


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