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The Most Objective Aries Personality: The Aries Sun Libra Rising Strives for Balance and Prefers a World Without Conflict
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Libra Rising/Aries Sun
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Aries Sun-Libra Rising

When looking at this combination, you may think that this person would be complicated. After all, peace-loving Libra and war-loving Aries are opposite to one another. However, one needs to look closer for their similarities. They are both parts of the Cardinal cross. They both initiate things.


When looking at Greek mythos, Aries is an assertive sign ruled by Mars- the planet representing Ares, the god of war, who lived to go into battle. He was impulsive and loved to be a gladiator. Libra, being a balanced and charming sign, is ruled by Venus- the planet that represents Aphrodite, the goddess of love, as the rising sign. In Greek mythos, Aphrodite and Ares were passionate lovers who adored one another. Together they are harmonious – like a couple who smooths out each other’s rough edges.

The Aries Sun-Libra Rising person may be very independent and impulsive- however, their Libra rising helps calm them down. It makes this person more charming, thinking more rationally and taking a moment before impulsively acting out.

How to Recognize Libra Rising-Aries Sun

Physically, an Aries with a Libra Ascendant may be extremely beautiful in an androgynous way. There may even be a physical attraction for different genders. They are usually in great athletic shape with good looks and tons of energy to keep physically fit. Hair may be short or long, and they may have a “Libran” dimple or two.


Libra Rising-Aries Sun Career

Cancer will be the Midheaven here, and the career may be one where the individual is entirely independent, working from home. Security and comfort will be significant; however, the Aries sun will always push through in need of challenges. A career in sports or anything legal may be very evident path. There may also be a great love for beauty, and a career as a beautician or makeup artist will make this individual happy. A career in fashion or home décor may be a suitable option as well. Pisces rules the 6th House of daily work, which would make this person love working in nature, large animals, and needs plenty of freedom in their career.

Libra Rising-Aries Sun Health

It is vital to cut down on alcohol when it comes to health, as it will affect the kidneys. Make sure to keep hydrated – especially when exercising constantly. Headaches may occur a lot, so it’s important to apply different breathing techniques, eat well, and get adequate sleep. Finally, as Pisces rules the 6th House of health, will need to exercise caution when regarding the feet - comfortable shoes need to be worn at all times. 


Libra Rising-Aries Sun Love

When it comes to romance, connections may be found through the workplace, and this individual won’t be like the typical Aries, shying away from commitment. Instead, they want marriage to make them feel more complete. Other Libras, Aries, Leos, Sagittarians, Aquarians, and Geminis will make the best matches. Aries rules their 7th House of marriage, and relationships, so they will be turned on and fascinated by romantic interests that offer a challenge!


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How Libra Rising-Aries Sun Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so this person needs to wake up with a lot of harmony with a Libra Ascendant. Next, they may want to put on soft meditation music, light a few scented vanilla candles, shower with luxurious almond milk shower gel, then apply their favorite perfume or cologne. The final touch of putting on beautiful clothes helps them feel at their best for the day.

Famous Libra Rising-Aries Sun People


Famous Scottish actor Ewan McGregor has this combination. He has played two very significant Aries and Libra roles in his life, as Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars (Aries) and as brilliant fashion designer extraordinaire Halston (Libra) in the Netflix series. The brilliant musician and guitarist Eric Clapton has this combination, legendary basketball player Kareem-Abdul Jabbar and famous race car driver Danica Patrick. She was named Rookie of the Year in 2005, which was significant, as racing is such a male-dominated sport. She is also gorgeous, thanks to all that Venusian beauty in her rising sign.


Facts about Aries

Birthday:  21st March - 20th April

Ruling planet:  Mars

Gender:  Male

Element : Fire

Temperament : Choleric

Type :  The leader

Physical correspondence : Head, muscle system 

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