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Aries Sun Scorpio Rising

The Most Powerful Leader: The Aries Sun Scorpio Rising Person Is Exceptionally Powerful With a Double Mars Influence!
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Aries Sun Scorpio Rising
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Aries Sun-Scorpio Rising

Before Pluto was discovered in 1930, Mars co-ruled Scorpio with Aries. This Aries personality is one of the most formidable and is not to be crossed!

Ares, represented by the planet Mars, was Hades’ nephew, meaning death. Ares was a warrior, and god of war, taking pleasure in killing and violence. Hades, represented by the Planet Pluto, was lord of the Underworld and keeper of souls.


There is something ominous about this combination, and people who have this are to be taken seriously- never to be made a fool of! They are a force to be reckoned with, and hold enormous power. Most people with this combination are remembered, long after they pass away.

How to Recognize Aries Sun-Scorpio Rising

Externally, an Aries with a Scorpio Ascendant usually has dark features, piercing eyes that carry the torch of flames within – they are full of fire! They may enjoy wearing black leather, mostly in the Winter, and at night, and stylish activewear during the day that makes them look good. Perfumes and colognes worn should contain such notes as musk, vanilla, and vetiver (especially for men). Perfumes such as Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior (oriental vanilla) and Original Vetiver by Creed are especially attractive to them. 

Aries Sun-Scorpio Rising Career

Leo rules the Midheaven, so they like to be in the spotlight when it comes to careers. They enjoy being the center of attention when it comes to work, and will work very hard at making this happen. They may be singers, artists, actors, or even teachers! Aries rules the 6th House, so they will have a lot of energy to accomplish work tasks, and may also enjoy athletic work from being in the military, or even being a familiar face with many followers as a well-known personal trainer. As their Sun lies in the 6th House, work will be the focus of their lives, and they will most likely continue working well into old age.


Aries Sun-Scorpio Rising Health

They will have enormous energy stores, and exercise comes easy, as Aries rules their 6th House of health. They enjoy challenges and are encouraged to compete in such things as “IronMan Triathlons,” where the training will do them good, and the challenge of beating others to the finish line is what they thrive on. Any health issues will mainly be focused around the head, and headaches may occur – so keeping hydrated is important.

Aries Sun-Scorpio Rising Love

As far as love is concerned, two very interesting signs indeed may come into play here – Taurus and Libra, because they are both ruled by Venus. Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite and a friend to Aries, and Libra is Aries’ opposite and friend to Scorpio- these Oppositions will create an atmosphere of great attraction. Other signs to consider are Sagittarius and Leo, as well as other Aries and Scorpios, and possibly Pisces. 

How Aries-Sun Scorpio Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day. Those with a Scorpio Ascendant need to sit alone in their own private space as they wake up unless they want to get physically intimate with their partner in the morning- energizing them for the day. Meditation and exercise are also great for them.


Famous Aries-Sun Scorpio Rising People

The late “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin had this special combination, and she (most certainly) was one of a kind! Fellow singer Diana Ross has this combination. Who can forget images of her singing and dancing with long, flowing curly black hair and big brown eyes. The late Chester Bennington (lead singer of Linkin Park) had this combination, and death found him early, at 41 years of age. The late silent movie star Charlie Chaplin had this combination, as well as Bette Davis, and Leonard Nimoy, who famously played “Spock” on the Star Trek franchise. The stars of today with this combination include movie stars, James Franco and Jessica Chastain.



Facts about Aries


Birthday:  21st March - 20th April


Ruling planet:  Mars


Gender:  Male


Element : Fire


Temperament : Choleric


Type :  The leader


Physical correspondence : Head, muscle system



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