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Aries Sun Taurus Rising

The Stable Leader: A Rock For Those Needing Their Strength
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Aries Sun Taurus Rising
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Venus, ruler of Taurus, and Mars, ruler of Aries, dance together with this combination. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite (Venus), and Ares (Mars) were lovers with insatiable appetites for one another. As feminine as Aphrodite was, Ares was equally masculine, and hence they fit together perfectly.

The Taurus Ascendant may be represented by Venus but is not similar in how Venus rules Libra where peace, harmony, and marriage are the number one goal. The Venus here indulges in sensual pleasures of all kinds, and succumbs to any guilty pleasures that feed this personality’s sense of comfort.


This is an Aries person who, when highly stressed will need to eat, or indulge in pleasures of the flesh. They will be extremely physically passionate with a high physical drive, wanting to get intimate with others as much as possible, especially when young.

How to Recognize an Aries Sun Taurus Rising

Physically, this person may have two slight bumps on their forehead (a symbol of the horned bull) and may carry weight in the stomach area. They might have a sturdy, muscular build and physique that can carry a lot of weight in the gym and handle hard exercise. Aries people are impulsive and quick to act, while Taurus has a temper that builds up over time. However, should someone keep annoying this personality, they better run away quickly, as this “bull in a China shop” will tear them apart and put them in their place very quickly. 

Aries Sun Taurus Rising Career

When it comes to career, Aquarius rules the Midheaven, while Libra rules every day work (the 6th House). This makes for an interesting effect, where the individual could enter a career related to technology or law, or in particular, cybersecurity and keeping an eye on criminals operating in cyberspace. They may also be an athlete or a singer, as Taurus rules the Ascendant.


Aries Sun Taurus Rising Health

Libra rules health, so there really needs to be a limit on alcohol intake, and any menstrual or womb pain must be attended to immediately. Lower back pain can occur from exercise, so warm ups are essential. It is of the utmost importance to drink as much water as possible, and cleansing teas such as green tea with mint and lemon (without sugar, of course).

Aries Sun Taurus Rising Love

Scorpio will be a serious love contender, as it rules the 7th House of relationships. Scorpio was once ruled by Mars and understands Aries’ primal nature, and is Taurus’ opposite – so there will be huge attraction in the air between these two. Other Signs that will go well with this person are Gemini, Libra, and Leo, as well as Aries, Taurus and certain Pisces (who have planets in Aries).

How Aries Sun Taurus Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with a Taurus Ascendant, this person needs to be slow and methodical waking up. They need to rise and sit on their bed for a few minutes to center themselves. It is good for them to have a cup of warm tea and water their plants and garden, followed by a lavish breakfast. Routine is important as it stabilizes them, and they may want to hit the gym before work, concentrating on weight training. It will be important to prepare snacks for the day, such as nuts and seeds. Important food to consume in the morning are those literally rooted in the Earth, such as sweet potatoes.

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Famous Aries Sun Taurus Rising People

One of the most prolific and famous singers of all time, Mariah Carey, has this combination. Famous talk show host David Letterman has this combination, and he is most certainly not afraid to ask any of his celebrity guests direct questions. One of the biggest supermodels of the ‘80s and ‘90s, Elle MacPherson also has this combination; she was dubbed “The Body” for years due to her more than perfect proportions. Julian Lennon (first son of the late John Lennon) also has this combination. 


Facts about Aries

Birthday:  21st March - 20th April

Ruling planet:  Mars

Gender:  Male

Element : Fire

Temperament : Choleric

Type :  The leader

Physical correspondence : Head, muscle system

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